Partnership Between The Latvian Vocational Education Association and The European Training Foundation

March 13, 2021
By: Ilze Brante | juditcovic

The Latvian Vocational Education Association (PIB), won (in Spring 2020) a procurement “The Role of Vocational Education Centres of Excellence in Work-Based Learning” organized by the European Training Foundation (ETF). The main task of PIB in the implementation of this agreement is to share the wide experience of its members on education-business cooperation, in particular with regard to school sector partnerships in work-based learning (WBL).

The procurement agreement includes a number of deliverables, most importantly the following:

• An assessment of the situation of six ETF partners – Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Northern Macedonia and Kazakhstan – in work-based learning implementation.
• A Baseline Study, based on the abovementioned assessment.
• 30 on-line seminars (coaching sessions) to support their WBL implementation and implementation efforts.
• Two peer-learning visits and six missions for face-to-face coaching (Currently, all on-site visits have been postponed due to Covid-19.)
• Developmental stories on the progress of the partner countries.

The first two steps – a questionnaire that served as a basis for assessing the situation and for determining further cooperation with the ETF, and the Baseline Study summarising the situation – has been completed and, at the beginning of March, on-line coaching session will begin.

The following educational institutions are involved in the implementation of the agreement: Vocational Education Competence Centre “Daugavpils Construction Technical School”, Vocational Education Competence Centre “Liepāja Technical School”, Vocational Education Competence Centre “Ogre Technical School”, and Vocational Education Competence Centre “Riga State Technical School”.


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Latvia and Ilze 🙂

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