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Pet Therapy or Animal Assisted Therapy

October 11, 2023
By: Gerd Alscher

It is a project financed and supported by the “Rotary club Putignano Trulli and Grotto” based on a concept called the human-animal bond, which describes people’s desire to interact with animals, under the guidance of a multidisciplinary team aiming to help people cope with and recover from some physical and mental health conditions. It is proved that animals may be able to provide comfort, in fact the human-animal bond can produce a calming state in the person or it can help developing social or behavioral skills.

As our school has its own farm with many animals among which horses and donkeys, it is perfectly qualified to experiment this therapy therefore, last year we decided to start with some of our students and we will surely go on with it as it is a new and interesting kind of approach that is giving excellent results.

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