PIB is working with Examples of Excellence in Work-Based Learning

Information from Vocational Education Association of Latvia (PIB)

In autumn, 2019, PIB got involved in an Erasmus+ project “Baltic Examples of Excellence in WBL: Tutors, Companies, Networks)”. This two-year project is a new innovative project, serving as an instrument for collecting examples of excellence in order to furtherly promote WBL through addressing and encouraging VET managers, WBL tutor trainers, business stakeholders and authorities.

The main objectives of the project:

  • To identify and collect examples and experiences of outstanding workplace tutors, motivated companies, effective cooperation mechanisms.
  • To boost the reputation and attractiveness of work-based learning (WBL) through praising, awarding, advertising persons, organizations and approaches which can serve as role models.
  • To produce material of examples which can be used in training WBL tutors from companies and VET schools and in training of VET managers.
  • To promote partnerships between VET schools and enterprises in the Baltic Sea region.

During the project, a case-book of selected examples has been published, a training programme will be developed, and 280 people will be directly involved in the project activities. The material produced in the project will be available for use in WBL tutor training from companies and VET schools, as well as in training of VET managers.


The project has five partners from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Germany, and the lead partner is the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Acknowledgements: Many thanks to EUROPEA-Latvia and Ilze (LV) 🙂

Photo/Poster: from Ilze (LV)

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