Project work in agricutural schools in Serbia

December 8, 2022
By: Gerd Alscher | Jasmina Tončić

In Serbia a lot of schools take part in (international) projects. Here are some examples:

  1. Food technicians from CATERING TOURISM SCHOOL NOVI PAZAR work in the project “Internationalization of the school through professional practice in EU countries (Budapest, Hungary)”
  2. Within the Erasmus+ project called ”Growing and processing of aromatic and medicinal plants”, Agricultural School ”Radoš Jovanović Selja” from Prokuplje planted          medicinal and aromatic herbs in their schoolyard.
  3. As an example of good practice, we showed how the students of Agricultural school Lesak practically apply their knowledge while making a stand for the Municipal Day competition.

(Thanks to Jasmina:-))

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