Grüne Lernlandschaften


Henk Mantje, Evelien Kist


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission through the Leonardo da Vinci – Lifelong Learning Programme.
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The project “Grüne Lernlandschaften” deals with the mutual information on the implementation of horticultural education at the participating partner schools, especially in plant knowledge.

The project would specifically:

  • contribute to the training of specialised studies teachers and students already during their training
  • deepen the European exchanges within the existing partnerships and start new school-partnerships
  • select appropriate places (schools, companies) for the students to stay abroad.

Thanks to the student mobility abroad, an integrated learning of subject content and language are guaranteed. A comparison of education standards in the participating partner institutions is possible by means of the European professional competition for young gardeners, which will be organized.

Based on this, teaching and learning programs will be updated and harmonized, and thus the quality of horticultural training will be improved. The combination of learning and working in comparison with other trainees during the mobilities offers already continuous training during the training that promotes the motivation for the lifelong continuous training of students. The joint travel increases the willingness of students to individual mobility, thus improving the quality of these individual mobilities.

The direct involvement of students in the project allows them well-founded country-specific insights into different courses of action and methods of learning in horticulture. In this way, the prospects of graduates in the European labour market will be significantly improved. The conscious recognition of other cultural conditions contributes to the personal development of young people and promotes their intercultural socialisation.

Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Netherlands are involved with the project.

Project partners
Project partners




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