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Project Description
The project name is changed as its used by company Silvaforum (2021). 

Vocational training in forestry is characterized by a vast amount of challenges. These are due to many factors, starting from the multitude of topics associated to forestry, ranging from the regional specifications, the outdoor-based training, the economic and ecological impact, the rapid evolution in forestry techniques and science, to the increasing need for wood as a renewable resource.

Through transnational cooperation, forestry schools, teachers and students try to keep themselves up-to-date, learn from each other and put their resources in common in order to improve their quality of training.

Thus this project defines several aims to meet these expectations:

  • Comparison of forestry and forestry training in different countries
  • Knowledge transfer between partners
  • Sharing and creation of educational material (video-tutorials, dictionaries…)
  • Elaboration of ECVET units

The project involves 6 partners:

SILVATICA Video-Tutorials

Horse Logging:




The works on our glossary are not yet finished, but it’s already usable, just click this link

SILVATICA Video-Tutorial about oak bark harvesting. Part 1: Stripping the bark

SILVATICA Video: The technological process of clapboard, part 1.

SILVATICA Video: The technological process of clapboard, part 2.

SILVATICA video: Grafting


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