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Promoting Green VET in CZ

December 8, 2015
By: Judit Čović

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For the past two years EUROPEA School from the Czech Republic, VOŠ & SZeŠ Benešov has been running a successful project called TECHNICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES THROUGH THE CENTRAL BOHEMIA REGION. The aim was to advertise our field of education and attract elementary school students to Green VET.

Collaboration was carried out with 5 elementary schools of the area and there were altogether 110 students regularly attending 8 different WORKSHOPS arranged and lead by the Benešov staff in the topics of bee keeping, landscaping, floristry, farming, technology and machinery.

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Besides, throughout the last academic year PROJECT DAYS were organised; they included trips, farm visits as well as lectures and competitions for school kids. They proved to have been very popular and attracted more than 200 youngsters. Also, a so called SUBURBAN CAMP was started up, which focused mainly on animal breeding, farming activities and laboratory work.

Congratulations for a great job done and keep up the good work, dear colleagues 🙂

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Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Jana (CZ)

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