Test Model Limoncello1

Prototyping at the Erasmus+ project “GAT22 Virtual Greenhouse”

June 15, 2023
By: Katrin Uurman

May 23.-26.2023 the Erasmus+ project “GAT22 Virtual Greenhouse” first contact seminar took place in Räpina and Tartu, Estonia. The aim of the seminar was to experience design thinking methods and get inspiration and input for future activities.

During the seminar participants were divided into smaller groups. The task was to use design thinking method, work out a prototype and test it.


Group “Limoncello” prototype

One of the teams developed a prototype of an online learning unit on greenhouse technology. The idea is: in the first phase, students should learn the 5 elements a plant needs to grow. In the second they can learn why greenhouse technology is needed to produce year-round crops. In the third phase all will be learned about collecting data from the plants using sensors. In the last unit students will be made aware of the available technology and how to adjust it to comfort plant growth. 8 test students were invited to try the prototype and had some worthy comments to be taken into consideration by the team.





Text: Ben Nienhuis (NL) and Katrin Uurman (EE)

Photos: Ben Nienhuis (NL)

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