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Queen Máxima of the Netherlands at Yuverta: ‘VET graduates are crucial to the country’

September 14, 2021
By: Jan Jeronimus | juditcovic

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited Yuverta to open the vocational education and training year 2021-2022.  “What happens here at the VET schools is of the utmost importance for the whole of the Netherlands,” said Máxima.

In a speech addressed to students and teachers, the Queen spoke of their important role during the corona crisis. “VET graduates have helped us through the crisis”. Through their great efforts in numerous places. From healthcare, to transportation and green in indoor and outdoor spaces. The focus was on the opportunities, not on the limitations.

Yuverta in Houten hosted this year’s opening event on behalf of all VET schools in the Netherlands, with the theme ‘entrepreneurship towards a better future’. Yuverta’s 65 courses, which focus on themes such as climate, energy, water, food and welfare of humans and animals, fit seamlessly with this theme.

Yuverta, a new name with a story

As of the 2021-2022 school year, Wellantcollege, Citaverde and Helicon will continue together under the new name Yuverta. Annemarie Moons, chair of the executive board:

“The first part of Yuverta stands for you and young. Verta stands for green. So the new name stands for young people in green because green is the future. It also stands for what we want to be: ‘At Home in the Future’. A trusted base for all our pupils, students and trainees, from which they can develop and prepare for the future. Even though we are growing, we remain close and personal. A school where we know each other by name.”

‘At home in the future’ also holds a promise: In our fields of expertise, all Yuverta schools are  innovative and enterprising. We look ahead, offer added value and are therefore of significance in the blue-green domain. We do this in a sustainable way in cooperation with the business community in the region and our partners abroad.

Yuverta Key Figures:

  • 12,000 pre-VET students,
  • 8,800 VET students and 8,500 trainees (from home and abroad)
  • 2,000 staff and 5,000 work placement companies

Photo captions:

  1. Queen Máxima’s arrival at Yuverta attracted much press attention.
  2. Adnan Tekin (Chairman Dutch VET Council), Queen Máxima and Annemarie Moons (Chair of the Executive Board Yuverta)
  3. Queen Máxima conversating with Yuverta staff
  4. Queen Máxima happily surprised with a bouquet of flowers created and presented by a Yuverta student.
  5. Close and personal: the 53 Yuverta schools across the Netherlands

Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands and Jan 🙂

Photos are courtesy of https://www.ditismbo.nl/.

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