Forestry Championship Romenia


June 15, 2017
By: Paco Fernandez

The “Colegiul Silvic Transilvania” in Nasaud was the seat of The Romania National Forestry Skills Championship held from 8 to 12 of May 2017.

Six forestry schools coming from different parts of Romania took part in this event.

The competition resulted very interesting and the teams were very eager to win.

The context consisted in two sections:

  • Forestry course with 16 tasks as:
    • the age of the tree,
    • the height of the tree above the ground,
    • basal area,
    • m²/ hectare,
    • slope of terrain in %,
    • mean diameter,
    • size of the area,
    • volume of the standing tree,
    • volume of the saw log,
    • total growing stock,
    • determining tree species,
    • determining kinds of wood with bark,
    • determining animals,
    • hunting,
    • diseases and pests,
    • first aid in the forest and adventure.


The forestry track had 3 km length in the Oriental Carpathians Mountains at 1200 m above sea level.

  • Next days was dedicated to performing the technical disciplines with chainsaw as:
    • tree felling,
    • fitting another chain,
    • bucking by combined cuts,
    • precision bucking
    • and the last and most spectacular was limbing.

The quality of competitors is increasing year by year but with a lot of training behind.

The winner was “Colegiul Silvic Transilvania”,  also winning the right to participate in the EUROPEA Forestry Championship held in Maienfeld, Switzerland two weeks later, from 25 to 28 May.

Below, you have links to EUROPEA – Romania website where you’ll find pictures about several moments of competition.—CNCS-2017.php

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