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Romania – the country to be discovered

June 2, 2019
By: Gioconda Neamt | Katrin Uurman

If you look at the poster proposed by the European Commission to illustrate Romania, you can find the following:

1. Area: 239,000 km2

2. Population: 21,610,000 inhabitants (out of which about 5 million emigrated)

3. EU Accession: 2007

4. Coat of arms: a golden eagle with an Orthodox cross in a sword, a sword and a scepter in the ponces. From 2016 the eagle wears a crown on its head. On the chest the eagle has a shield symbolizing the provinces: Muntenia – eagle with wings, Moldavia –  aurochs head , Dobrogea – 2 dolphins, Transylvania –  raven and  7 fortress, Oltenia – a lion and a bridge …

5. Fauna, from top to bottom: wolf, bat, bear, pelican, duck, grove of Danube, oriole…

6. People: Mihai Eminescu – national poet, George Enescu – composer, Vlad Tepes  (Vlad the Impaler) – prince of Valachia, Nadia Comănici – gymnast, woman from Maramures – in traditional clothes, Dracula – legendary character, Traian – Roman emperor, conquered Dacia, Constantin Brâncuşi – the modern sculptor, Eugen Ionesco – playwright, wrote the Rinocers …

7. Agricultural crops: sunflower, wheat …

8. Symbols: Maramures wooden church, monastery in northern Bukovina, silk road, icons on glass, painted eggs, ceramics, Dacian gold helmet, athenaeum in Bucharest, Thinker from Hamangia, casino in Constanta, ancient vestiges at Histria, rose of the winds, the symbol of spring (little March), the Black Sea coast …

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