And Finally Everything Is On The Plate And It Is Mouth Watering!

Saint Martin’s Goose – Guten Appetit!

November 8, 2019
By: Roswitha Schranzhofer | Elisabeth Hönigsberger

Roast goose with red cabbage and dumplings

A mouth-watering report from LLA Rotholz in Tyrol, Austria
by Roswitha Schranzhofer

Just outside in the fields … cackling and looking for food with the other geese … and now in our kitchen.

It is just the time for it. The 11th November is Saint Martin’s Day and we like having roast goose, red cabbage and dumplings.

We prepared that delicious meal at school with our students. The goose was stuffed with apples and quinces, spiced with salt and pepper and some herbs. Our goose had 4 kg and therefore we roasted it for 4.5 hours.

Antonia stuffed the goose and the principal Maria Gschwentner watched her carefully!

Meanwhile we sliced and cooked our red cabbage which we refined with chestnuts and a few teaspoons of homemade cranberry jam.

Lea took care of the red cabbage and the caramelised slices of quinces.

Then we prepared our dumplings – not round as most of the time. We cooked the dough rolled in a napkin and sliced it afterwards.

As a little extra we caramelised some slices of quinces. Finally the food was attractively arranged and the goose decorated with some thyme.

……….and – we enjoyed it!

And finally everything is on the plate and it is mouth-watering!

LLA Rotholz


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