Securing resources to satisfy primary needs

October 22, 2018
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

Text and pictures by LFS Güssing


LFS Güssing, located in the southern-most corner of Burgenland, close to the Hungarian border, is organiser of the student workshop “Renewable Energy” 24-27 October 2018.

The farm of LFS Güssing, built in 2014/15 according to EU organic requirement (picture by Paul Ott)

LFS Güssing is also partner in the Erasmus+ Project “Securing resources to satisfy primary needs through sustainable cultivation of rural areas”. Other partners are from Hungary and Croatia.

Focus of the project is the sustainable development of the rural area particularly in food production, cultivation, sustainable construction of residential and farm buildings as well as industrial and public transport.

Sustainable agriculture presents a significant distinctive feature in the global food supply and offers a competitive advantage in eco-social market economy.

The main objective is raising awareness in future producers in the following areas:

  • Food production in organic agriculture
  • Construction with CO2-neutral regional wood supply
  • Heating with regionally produces bio-mass such as biogas or wood chips
  • Reduction of fossil fuels in transport

A regional CO2-neutral circular economy offers a possibility to ensure and adapt jobs in classical areas with declining population

Additional highlights:
  • committment of the town of Güssing to renewable energy sources and the applied technologies
  • field trip to the wood gasification plant and photovoltaic plant in Urbersdorf and the biogas plant in Strem
  • the role of producers in the provision of resources

Visit to the waste facility Stipits

Unforgettable (‘sustainable’) are the pictures of the food disposal and the storage place for food waiting for disposal. You could really see a big potential for needs-based and sustainable food production. Biogas for parts of the vehicle fleet is produced through gasification during food disposal, a closed circuit so to speak.

Impressive field trip and unforgettable pictures for students
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