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SIA 2016 – The Belgian Experience

March 25, 2016
By: Judit Čović


European cattle judgement competition

At the International Agricultural Show in Paris a cattle judgement competition was organized by EUROPEA.

Every participating country was allowed to nominate 4 students: 18 countries enrolled and sent 43 competitors.

The Belgian pre-selections were organized by IPES in Ath. The competition involved judgement about the characteristics of 2 breeds of cows. The best students, Domer Julien, Michael Hagenstein, Masson Lejeune and Victor Van der Meulen got their ticket for the international competition in Paris.

In Paris the competitors had to judge 2 breeds of dairy cows, Brune des Alpes, Holstein and Montbéliard, as well as 2 breeds of beef cows, Limousin, Blonde d’Aquitaine and Charolais. It was up to the competitors to decide whether the results for the dairy cow judgement or the beef cow judgement counted double in their score.

Victor Van der Meulen won Bronze at this competition. He is a student at Vabi, a school for agriculture and biotechnology in Roeselare, Belgium. His parents run a mixed farm with dairy cattle (Holstein) and beef cattle (White-Blue). Victor and his father take a big interest in cattle and often take part in competitions.

We wish to congratulate Victor on his great result in this contest! 

See the final results here.

Written by Geert Chys, BE – Thanks a lot Belgium 🙂 !!

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