Small but Important

April 28, 2021
By: Monika Brozova | juditcovic

Lukáš Fajkus – 3rd year – the student of Veterinary technician course

This Covid crisis and nearly everyone being limited in some way is hard. It is hard for everyone because we are not able to do things that we were used to. I would never have thought that I will ever miss these things, like being at school, my job, or even travelling by train. I am really bored at home and it gets a bit depressing someday, but we can not let us this epidemic situation absorb us.

You are asking me to write about something nice but honestly, nothing came up to my mind which I could consider as a REALLY nice thing, so I thought there is nothing to talk about. But after thinking about it for some time I realized something. There are so many nice and warm things arounds us everyday that we should not overlook. They may be small, but even the tiniest things like petting your beloved animal companion, having a nice dream, or even sitting on the sofa with your parents and watching their favourite TV show can make you feel incredibly happy. And that is probably one of the nicest things during the Covid. I have realized that you do not have to do something entertaining everyday and I should value those tiny moments which makes me happy.

This is my little buddy Tina, she makes me smile all the time 🙂 !!


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Czech Republic, Monika and Lukas 🙂

Photo: from Lukas (CZ)

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