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Spring – cleaning time!

March 27, 2019
By: juditcovic

Work based training:

Spring cleaning in the apiary of Secondary school of Veterinary Studies, Nitra (SK)

World’s best honey is Slovak“ was said in 2017 when the beekeeper from Slovakia, Tibor Vargapál, left the international expo Apimondia in Istanbul (TR) with nine awards, plus the grand prize of best apiary. Yes, Slovak people love beekeeping and what is interesting , more and more young people here start their own apiary.

Also in our school you can meet number of enthusiastic students and one devoted teacher&trainer in one, Ing.Marcel Polička PhD, who takes care about our school apiary. The reason for  spring cleaning is to provide space for the new developing brood at the outset of the new season. In the photos below you will see students‘ first visit of the year that involves primarily a quick check of the hives. They found that all of the 11 wintered large-hive colonies had survived winter.


Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Drahomíra (SK) 🙂

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