Stend Farm Shop and Nursery

May 20, 2019
By: juditcovic | Tone Mosebø

And for the second time this month the latest news entry is coming to you from our youngest EUROPEAns, the first year students of Stend Vidaregåande Skule, Bergen, Norway:

The farm-shop and the nursery are open to the public and everyone can come and buy products. At Stend, we grow different vegetables and flowers and we have a lot of chickens who produce eggs. Students are given the responsibility to collect and wash the eggs before the eggs are sent up to the shop.

We often sell products that reflect the season. For example, pumpkins around Halloween or colourful flowers in the spring. If we don’t produce the product here at Stend, we have to buy them from other local places. We want to keep the transportation as short as possible to save the environment. Students from different courses help out at the shop. Some work behind the register and others are placing products in the shelves.


Many thanks to the 9th grade Animal Care Course students of Stend, Bergen (NO) and Tone (NO) !

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