What Is Food Waste

Stopping Food Waste in EU

June 28, 2015
By: Judit Čović


Last month France put through a series of new laws in order to stop supermarkets from throwing away edible food. It is now illegal to waste food that has passed its sell-by date or doesn’t meet the requirements in any other way.

Supermarkets have to donate discarded food to charity or to let it be made into compost, energy or animal feed. Besides, lessons on food waste will be included in school education and various companies will also be made part of the campaign.

UK is now also stepping forward as TESCO has announced to become the first British supermarket to launch a similar scheme planning to donate leftover food to charity. The company threw away 55,400 tonnes of food over the last year – around half of which was perfectly edible and could have been eaten by people in need.

Using the latest technology this system will be run through an app which allows store managers to alert nearby charities what surplus food they have and where it can be picked up. Then homeless hostels, women’s refuges and disadvantaged children’s breakfast clubs will be able to confirm what food they would like and would have it for free.

What is happening in your country regarding food waste? If you have any information to share, please, leave a comment. Thanks.

Source: The Huffington Post

Photo: www.naturalpreserve.com

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