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Student Floristry Skill Competition in Slovakia

October 30, 2016
By: Katrin Uurman

21st and 22nd October were big days at EUROPEA Family. During these active times students presented their professional skills at floristry competition. Competition theme was “Thank Giving for Harvest”. 20 teams from 12 different countries were competing against each other.

During the competition teams had to make two different works which were a wreath on door and a room decoration on pot. Given materials were inspired by autumn and harvest. The organisers provided the teams with all the necessary materials and tools for the competition. Students of “Rakovice Secondary Agricultural School” gathered most of the materials for settings from nature, which was mainly pure and main source of inspiration.

However, there were no technical stipulations for settings. Students could use all given materials, guide the topic and type of works. Everyone could use their own fantasy and handwriting. Only limiting factor was time.

For students it was exciting to look, how competitors from different countries were using same type of materials to create same type of setting. Floristry competition was organised very well! Students didn’t have to deal with stress or high tension. “We were competing but we took the competition as creatively as possible” – said Estonian team-members. “We didn’t come here to win, but get experiences, compare skills to other colleagues and find friends for life”.

After long long day winners where called out! 🙂

1st place: Terézia Heltková a Juraj Bocian, Rakovice, Slovakia
2nd place: Magali Egger a Deana Ebener, CPLN Cernier, CFPneLullier, Switzerland
3rd place: Kristína Jarábková a Timotej Gajdoš, Rakovice, Slovakia

Congratulations to winners and all participants!

Many thanks to organisers!

students at floristry competition exhibition of floristry competition settings
Estonian team making the door wreath. Photographed by Marek Jakobi Competition is closed! The settings are placed in the exhibition, just waiting for the results… Photographed by Kalle Toom


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