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Students from Sweden testing their skills in competitions

October 6, 2022
By: Karin Carlsson | Katrin Uurman

Students from some of Sweden’s upper secondary school for natural resources have been competing in the Swedish Championships, testing their skills in forestry and ploughing.

In the forestry competition the students are tested in various disciplines containing both theoretical and practical challenges. For example: In the technical part of the contest their precision skill and speed of chain saw handling were measured and assessed in the disciplines of chain fitting, felling, bucking by combined cut. In the theoretical part, the students had to perform various tasks under the headings of forest surveying, zoology and botany. The winner school-team is determined by the highest score attained in the two parts of the contest. The winners will represent Sweden in the European Student Championship in Forestry Skills, taking place in Norway 2023.

And what about ploughing competition? What´s it all about? A little simplified, the competition means that you must plough straight, neatly, turning the soil so that there are no visible leftovers of straw and stubble. Teams were judged on the straightness and sharpness of their furrows, alongside other factors.

Alongside the competitions and developing their skills for the future, there are also time for social activities, getting to know each other from schools all over Sweden. Very much appreciated by the students as well as the teachers.


Text: Karin Carlsson
Photos: Naturbruksskolan Svenljunga, Naturbruksskolan Svenljunga, Stora Segerstad Naturbrukscentrum, Naturbruksskolan Uddetorp, Munkagårdsgymnasiet

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