Sustainability and Healthy Eating
Nov 07th 2020

The Food Council of Young People is officially installed together with Terra (one of the founding institutions of EUROPEA), during an event at Suikerterrein (NL), an innovative outdoor lab in Groningen, on October 9th.

At the start, a dialogue with administrators took place in collaboration with the Missing Chapter Foundation, about what young people consider important about food.

Healthy eating and sustainability sometimes seem to conflict. How can we build a bridge between them and what could be a future diet that is good for both ourselves and the planet? Young people have ideas about this and should also be involved. After all, it is about their future. The aim of the Food Council is to really solve issues about our food by linking serious research to the dialogue with decision-makers, with extra attention for implementation and assurance.


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands and Karin (NL) 🙂

Photos: from Katrin (NL) and from Wellantcollege and Jan (NL) – many thanks!