Sustainable Community in Food Production

December 1, 2020
By: Paco Fernández | juditcovic



Due to the situation of COVID19 in Europe the final meeting of this ERASMUS+ KA202 project, which was planned to hold in Amposta – Spain this week, has been canceled. Instead of it we have organized virtual meetings to sum up and evaluate this inspiring project.

The main conclusions, outcomes and products are:

  • It is urgent to look for alternatives, innovate to produce enough food to feed the world, but is necessary to do it in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment. In this context, vocational training institutions have an enormous responsibility, because our students of today are the future farmers of tomorrow. We must guide our training towards production systems compatible with environmental care, such as organic farming, respecting biodiversity, changing our consumptions habits towards zero miles food and minimizing our ecological footprint.

  • Young European students have demonstrated throughout the participation in this project that they are highly aware of the urgent need to change the current production model to make it compatible with environmental sustainability, so we hope that they can be the drivers that lead this change.
  • The students have had the opportunity to exchange good practices and see good examples of sustainable production and environmentally friendly.
  • They have exchanged their surveys carried out in their respective countries through which they have verified the level of knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and opinions of the interviewed population in relation to the consumption and management of fresh water, organic farming, biodiversity, the consumption of products of proximity and the ecological impact of waste, and they have recorded this in videos made by themselves.
  • Students have collaborated in international groups to find creative and innovative solutions to the equation of healthy food production while respecting the environment.
  • A game base on the topics of this Project has been created. With it students of secondary and vocational education can learn concepts of sustainable production through gamification methodology.



Acknowledgements: many thanks to

EUROPEA-Espana and Paco (ES) 🙂

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