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Sustainable Intensification in Dairy Farming

September 11, 2021
By: Anders H. Nielsen | juditcovic

Yesterday 10/09/2021, Louise Højsgaard-Mikkelsen, dairy teacher at Bygholm Agricultural College (DK), conducted an international online seminar: Sustainable Intensification in Dairy Farming.

Louise highlighted key points in the Danish strategy for developing a sustainable intensification in dairy farming.

Did you know that 85% of the greenhouse gas emission from one liter milk at your table occurs at the farm? That is why knowledge about dairy farm management is simply so essential.

Agricultural schools are key-players in passing on important knowledge to farmers – we educate youngsters to become part of the solution, farmers for future!

The audience were specialist and farm managers, mainly from Belarus. The seminar was invited by the World Bank and was sponsored by the EU-Belarus Private Sector Development Program.


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Denmark and Anders 🙂

Photo: from Anders (DK)

Featured image: Pixabay Free Images



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