Erasmus+ projects in Serbia
Jun 6th 2022

We are happy to inform you that this year we were approved two Erasmus + projects KA1 – Student mobility project named “Innovative practical teaching” (2012-1-RS01-KA122-VET-000016675) and KA2 – small partnerships project named “Acquisition of new knowledge and experience on examples of good practice – education of students in the field of secondary vocational of […]

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Introduction to Serbian VET school Sveti Trifun
Dec 22nd 2021

Secondary school “Sveti Trifun” with hall of residence has a rich history and tradition. Our school is a combination of various different secondary schools – gymnasium, vocational schools oriented towards agriculture, production and food processing and vocational school for computer construction. The school has 92 hectares of farmland (under the vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and a […]

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Intorduction to Servian VET shool Svilajnac

Agricultural and veterinary boarding school “Svilajnac” was founded in 1957 and already has a 64-year long tradition. The school estate spreads over 130 hectares which are under various cultures and it also includes facilities for raising livestock with various breeds, so our students gain practical knowledge in all fields of veterinary science and agriculture, as […]

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Introduction to Serbian VET school Stevan Petrović Brile

Secondary Vocational School “Stevan Petrović Brile” is school with 50 years old tradition. We have 5 educational profiles, veterinary and agricultural technicians on 4th degree of vocational training and butcher and baker on 3th degree of vocational training and from this year we have one new educational profil – dental nurse/technician. The school has about […]

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Broadening horizons: Hungarian student in Serbia
Nov 20th 2021

Due to historical and geographical reasons there are significant Hungarian minorities in the neighbouring countries of this Eastern European state. A few years ago, the government started a program called “Határtalanul” (Boundless) in order to connect the nation in and out of the boarders. So it happened that EUROPEA training centre KMASZC started organising student […]

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Strawberry ‘fields’ forever!
Mar 31st 2021

From EUROPEA member Biotechnology School Sumatovac in Aleksinac, Serbia: Online teaching didn’t bring us much happiness but it is the only way we can function at the moment, so we try to make the best of it. However, there are things we can’t do online. That’s why we decided to send you some pictures of […]

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Serbia: how to better international cooperation during the pandemic
Nov 20th 2020

The big news from Serbia is that EUROPEA Agricultural School Šumatovac (Aleksinac) changed its name to Biotechnology School Šumatovac!! They have also introduced some new courses to make the school more attractive to students. And, despite these troubled pandemic times, they tried to go on with the internationalisation of their institution and stay in touch […]

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Our School Today – Tomorrow
Mar 31st 2020

In our school there are currently 372 pupils in 15 classes and the pupils are being educated for the following occupations: technician of agriculture, technician of food-processing, veterinary technician, technician of horticulture, technician of biotechnology, baker and operator-mechanic of agricultural machinery. The pupils are being educated by motivated teachers, proficient in their subjects. Apart from […]

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EUROPEA in Smederevo, Serbia

Textile-technological and Agricultural School “ Despot Djuradj” from Smederevo (SR), educates students in six educational profiles in fields of agriculture, food production and food processing. Their students acquire knowledge and skills by carrying out classes at the school workshops, school economics and in companies in Smederevo or in the nearby settlements. Acknowledgements: many thanks to […]

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First International Young Bakers’ Festival
Mar 25th 2020

It was a great pleasure to be a visitor of The First International Young Bakers’ Festival in Niš, the second biggest town in Serbia.  Public authorities, Bakers’ Union and Food Processing and Chemistry School from Niš united in the mission of promoting bakers’ products and achievements of pupils from Serbian and European Schools.  Schools from […]

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Agricultural High School in Barajevo
Mar 9th 2020

Greetings from Barajevo, Serbia Agricultural High School in Barajevo was established in 1978. The school educates the future generations of Agricultural technicians. The students study Fruit growing, Vegetable growing, Plant protection, Livestock breeding, Agricultural mechanization. Our agricultural products are distributed among our employees. It helps students to obtain entrepreneurial skills. In the photos: 01. Third […]

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News from Green VET School “Sveti Trifun”
Mar 3rd 2020

News from Green VET School “Sveti Trifun“, Aleksandrovac, Serbia Entrepreneurship fair: Entrepreneurial spirit of the Secondary school “Sveti Trifun” with hall of residence students becomes more and more important and represents one of the  long term key aims of our education. Students of final years of educational profiles Agricultural technician, Food processing technician, Winegrower-winemaker present […]

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