Thank You, Portugal!

July 11, 2021
By: juditcovic


New Challenges for the Green VET Sector” was the topic of the EUROPEA Spring Seminar, that took place in the magnificent Povoa do Varzim, by the ocean near Porto, Portugal from 23-25 June 2021. It has been our very first offline meeting since the pandemic and the travelling restrictions started.

Regardless of the fact that not every member country was able to send representatives, it was a very busy, lively and cheerful event with very many happy EUROPEAns delighted to be together again after such a long time!

Strict Covid-19 measures were applied: each day started with testing, and wearing masks was a straightforward obligation for all of us. Our Portuguese colleagues did a remarkable effort in order to gift us with a safe, content packed and entertaining three-day experience.


The seminar introduced us to the Green VET of the hosting country, creating a great opportunity to meet colleagues and students, and enjoy the high-quality local products of schools. The main topic was the future of Green VET with all the new challenges that we are facing in the 21st century, putting great emphasis on sustainability, digitalisation and inclusion as the main targets for the years to come.

The long-awaited brand new EUROPEA Charter – containing our mission, vision, values and activities – was also accepted as a result of long and hard work of the membership and the EC in particular. Check the document: HERE.

Excursions took us to several Green VET schools, also to the traditional ecological vine making enterprises of the north, where we got the chance to taste the famous Vinho Verde (a fresh, young wine, originating from the Minho region). The boat trip to the World Heritage Site, Douro Valley was an absolutely fantastic, unforgettable treat with the indispensable port wine – that gastronomic dream of uniquely rich flavours!


Due to pandemic the election of the new Executive Committee had been previously postponed, nevertheless, the time had come to vote for our new leaders in Portugal. Thanks to online connections all our National Coordinators were present and a new board was elected:

  • Secretary General: Nicolas Negretti, LU
  • Vice Secretary General: Wiesława Gąsiorowska, PL
  • Treasurer: Anders Højlund Nielsen, DK
  • Vice Treasurer: Tone O. Mosebø, NO

Congrats to all the members of the new EC! Our love and salutations to Elizabeth Hönigsberger, AT – a long-time member of the EC – for the devoted job she had done for us and our organisation. She will stay with EUROPEA-Austria and we do hope to see her around as frequently as possible.

The Editorial Group has also been given the consent to carry on with their work. No changes in the membership (click HERE for details).


Next meeting is scheduled for 21-25 September 2021 and will take place in Switzerland. Many thanks to our Portuguese friends and let us hope to be together again in autumn.

And TOGETHER we’ll go further!


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Portugal for a great meeting and to all members of the EG 🙂

Pics: Judit (HU) and Fons (LU)


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