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The Charter of EUROPEA

April 13, 2018
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

In February 1999 the 15 members of EUROPEA International signed the Charter of EUROPEA, thus defining its functions and characteristics of agricultural training institutions.

A clear profile can strengthen a net….

EUROPEA Austria applied for a project at DG VI in the Commission in Brussels in order to create the Charter of the Agricultural Training. The developing process started in November 1998 during the EUROPEA Presidency of Austria in Krems. A draft paper was presented and debated in several working teams. All members were invited to continue this process on a national level and present findings in the second Charter meeting in Cannington UK in February 1999. Intense discussions on various functions of the agricultural training institutions, opposed positions on characteristics and passionate negotiations on terminology demanded concentrated and thorough examination of the results.

Almost 20 years after this intense process it is imperative to review the Charter in order to find out which content is still valid and which functions are already outdated.

Moreover, fast changing learning environments, rapid developments in the green sector and the omni-present information and communication technology demand investigation and analyses of new focal points and new challenges and how EUROPEA, as the common umbrella organization, should address these topics. Megatrends such as globalization, mobility, digitalization, knowledge management, new ecology or quality, safety and security to name a few, have to be addressed, connections to EUROPEA training institutions discussed.

A revised Charter will sharpen the profile of EUROPEA International and involve all members in the process. Besides the document, which should be the final result, the discussions might identify further fields for development, thus creating the next foundation of common EUROPEA projects.

A solid foundation…. for generations…

Be active, be participative, be reflective and inventive – be part of EUROPEA.

The Executive Committee of EUROPEA

April 2018

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