The EU and the Green Week

September 26, 2020
By: juditcovic

Asmildkloster Agricultural School and Central Region Denmark held Green Week together, which was an event made by the EU Commission.

Farmer Bjarke Andersen and the students.

The theme of the day of Green Week was multifunctional land distribution, which is a part of working with preservation of drinking water and protecting biodiversity. Central Region Denmark gave a few presentations on protection of drinking water and biodiversity through the 11 national targets for the protection of biodiversity and drinking water, and farmer Bjarke Andersen talked about his experience of land distribution.

Students playing.

The students were playing a game created by Central Region Denmark. They had to manage a property themselves, where they would try their hand at land distribution. They were to collect land, protecting drinking water through for example afforestation and focus on protection of biodiversity.


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Denmark and Susanne Joel (DK), international coordinator at Asmildkloster Agricultural School – the author of the article 🙂

Photos: from Susanne (DK)

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