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“The Kettle is Always on the Stove”

October 27, 2016
By: Judit Čović


Statement of EUROPEA UK

National Coordinators’ Meeting, Slovakia, 20th October 2016

‘It is lovely to see old traditions being kept alive, Regional anthems, distinguished Speakers taking their bow. New traditions also, temperamental technology being outshone by inspirational educators with fantastic English language skills.

Slovakia is moving forward, not forgetting its past, burning fossil fuels to protect its healthy apples and use of migrant workers!

EUROPEA is moving forward too, our trusted and experienced Board will change again next Spring and I’m sure it will be seamless. And everything will be securely legislated by Belgium!

The UK is moving forward too. Powered by Democracy. The will of the majority now has to be steered by its elected Representatives. Led by its unelected Prime Minister! How very British. But you can be assured, when we make decisions, we will stand by them.

The UK has the most diverse population in Europe. I am proud of my Viking roots, my strike partner in my footballing days was a gay, coloured lad from Nigeria, brought up by a loving Norfolk couple in a small rural village. My rugby team of choice is Benetton Treviso. Most of my family lives in Australia. My friends are from all over the World, including Europe.

Do not believe all you read, newspapers quoting Politicians especially.Whether they are elected or not.

Remember the proverb ‘People in Glasshouses should not throw stones’

EUROPEA UK will continue to welcome visitors, students and staff, as our country has done with Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Ugandan Asians and Polish workers. And many, many more.

‘A stranger is a friend who you have yet to meet’.

I have heard today the phrase, ‘you cannot have your cake and eat it’. It is true. But it is also true that to make the cake, you need many ingredients, not all of which you can grow yourself.

On behalf of EUROPEA UK, I say to you all.’ Don’t remain a Stranger’. Our door is not locked by Statutes and the kettle is always on the stove.

But I guess the EUROPEA car will not be driven on the left hand side of the road.’

By Charlie Askew, National Coordinator for The UK

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