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Training in project writing and management in Ukraine

June 13, 2024
By: Katrin Uurman

Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics (EE) conducted training in project writing and management in cooperation with Viljandi Vocational Education Center (EE) in Western Ukraine, Volhynia region. Future project managers from 13 different vocational education institutions participated in the training. The basics of project writing and management were learned, and the school introduced the risks associated with project implementation. Several opportunities have opened up in Ukraine to request project grants, including for Erasmus+ projects. The training took place at the Kolky Vocational Training Center within the framework of the project Supporting modernization of Ukrainian education system in Western Ukraine, funded by the Estonian Development Cooperation Center. It is one of the most successful schools teaching agriculture in the region, which has also participated in the International Youth Plowing Competition in Olustvere for many years. In the framework of the project, visits of Ukrainian school delegations to Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania are also planned with the aim of showing the vocational education institutions there and helping to find partners for project work.

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Credits to Marika Šadeiko

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