Training Programme in Livestock

July 24, 2019
By: juditcovic | Paco Fernandez

July 2019 – Lorca (Murcia), Spain

The Centre of National Reference in Livestock placed in Lorca (Murcia), Spain, is developing its two-year training plan, as a result of the agreement between of the three official administrations involved: Spanish Ministry of Education, Spanish Ministry of Labour and the Regional Government of Murcia.

Among the most interesting courses that are planned – all addressed to teachers – are:

  • Updated Procedures of Sanitary Treatments Applied to Hives”. Just ended. Teachers arrived from different Spanish provinces have taken part on it. Its main goal is to learn about the new control and treatment guidelines for pests and diseases that affect bee colonies in modern beekeeping.
  • Therapeutic trends in equine shoeing”. Learning about care and preparation of the helmet in the equines to perform a therapeutic and orthopedic shoeing in animals with abnormalities, which leads to an improvement and recovery of the animal, at the same time that the need and usefulness of their performance are evaluated.
  • Management of equine stallions“. The main goal is to determine the efficient use of facilities, equipment and machinery used in this type of production, according to the criteria of animal welfare, environmental protection and prevention of occupational hazards.

  • Current management of swine reproduction“. This training action is focused to expose in detail the management procedure for the reproduction of the pig in modern intensive production, increasing the productivity and profitability of the exploitation.
  • Current management protocols in animal transport“. The content of the course includes publicizing the operational management procedures for the transport of livestock production species, improving the welfare of the transported animals and the productivity of the transport activity.

Congrats for the great work to the colleagues in Lorca (ES)!


Acknowledgements: many thanks to Paco (ES) 🙂

Photos: from Paco (ES)

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