We LOVE dogs

May 24, 2019
By: juditcovic | Tone Mosebø

The canine department at Stend Vidaregåande Skule

Written by first grade students of Animal Care program at Stend, Bergen, Norway

At the canine department, we train dogs. There are no dogs living there, but the students are allowed to bring their dogs during daytime. At the department, we learn how to handle dogs, perform health checks and how to train them to become search dogs.

Search dogs are trained to search for land mines, lost people, victims in avalanches and drugs etc. We also learn how to read the dog’s body language. It is really fun to be in the canine department because we do many different things. When students bring their dogs, they get to have a fun time with their “poochies” and get an opportunity to bond more with them.

The department consists of two buildings. The main building has five kennels, a kitchen, the main training hall, and a reception. The second building has another training hall and three extra kennels. In addition, there are lots of training and running area outside. All in all, we have a lot of space for training and fun with dogs. Acknowledgement: many thanks to young students of Stend, their teachers and Tone 🙂




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