Mobility Conference Wellant

Wellant Conference on Mobility ‘Broaden Your Horizon’

February 5, 2018
By: Paco Fernandez

Expert Perspectives on 21st Century Challenges for Vocational and Educational Mobility

At Jardin d’Hiverre, Bomencentrum Baarn, Netherlands, on 18 January, 2018

About 120 people from 12 different countries took part in this event.

The programme 

Welcome and introduction

  • The International Tree Centre, by Mr Hans Blokzijl
  • Key note speech by André Huigens, Wellantcollege: The view on the conference questions from the educational perspective.
  • Video message by Mr Joao Santos, Deputy Head of Unit Directorate General for Employment, Sosial Affaires and Inclusion of the European Commission: The view on the conference questions from the European perspective.
  • Key note speech by Mr Henrik Bos, one of the managers of the VRJ group, one of the bigger infra structure companies in Finland and awarded as Employer of the Year: The view on the conference questions from the labour perspective.

Workshop: 8 tematic topics using “Open Space” methodology

Thematic Topics And Questions

1.    Mobility And Future Education
Moderator: Pauline van den Bosch – ECVET expert team, the Netherlands

QUESTIONS: What actions can be taken to increase international internship of students and employees? What are the biggest challenges?

2.    Mobility And Personalized Learning
Moderator: Nanny Löning – Wellantcollege, the Netherlands

QUESTION: What is needed to develop passion and motivation to make students and employees more flexible and mobile in the future labour market?

3.    Mobility And Leadership
Moderator: Madelon de Beus – Aeres University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

QUESTION: What are the recommendations for new leadership to make mobility work in VET institutions and companies?

4.    Validation, Recognition And Accumulation Of Mobility

Moderator: Paul Guest – ECVET expert team UK, Glasgow Scotland

QUESTIONS: What is needed to make Validation, Recognition and Accumulation of student/employee mobility workable in Europe? How can we do that?

5.    Mobility And Lifelong Learning

Moderator: Mariella van der Meer – Green Education Centre Wellantcollege, the Netherlands

QUESTIONS: How can we make students and employees enthusiastic and ready to move. How do we create the space to develop personal mastership/passion in VET institutions and companies?

6.    Mobility And The Development Of Social Entrepreneurship

Moderator: Kathrin Fervers – die Bothschafterin, Germany

QUESTION: What is needed for dealing with uncertainty and development of social-entrepreneurship?

7.    Mobility and traveling

Moderator: Jan Jeronimus – International Office Wellantcollege, the Netherlands

QUESTION: How do we reduce the ecological and cultural impact and how do we make mobility more sustainable?

8.    Mobility and internet                            

Moderator: Wim Siemann – Albeda college, The Netherlands

QUESTION:  In what ways can we use the internet in relation to mobility?

Farewell Dinner 

After the conference part, there were a farewell dinner for André Huigens, who will leave Wellantcollege for his retirement after 44 working years.

Meeting between YEBISU & LOASA partners

Taking advantage of the presence in the conference of the majority of YEBISU and LOASA projects partners, an interesting meeting between both was held, in which participants had the opportunity to share ideas and reflections about common interests: students’ skills get in their training periods.


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