Agrolympics Portugal, which was started last year, is included in an important agricultural fair called Agrosemana, and will be held again soon in the north of Portugal.

This is a national competition open to agricultural schools all over the country. The aim for students is to demonstrate their technical skills; however, the competition is also looking for fair play, fun and exchange of experiences between the participating teams.

The event is coordinated by APEPA (Associação Portuguesa de Escolas Profissionais Agrícola) and it is sponsored by Agros, the most important Portuguese cooperative in the milk sector, and it is also supported by Fertiprado, an important firm of forages and hay.

This year the competition will take place on the 1st and 2nd of September, and again it will be an amazing opportunity for all the participants. The winners will travel to Germany for the 2nd AGROLYMPICS to compete with their European colleagues (see Events).

We leave you some photos of last year’s competition to awaken your curiosity to follow this year results.



For more pics click HERE.

Acknowledgements: many thanks to Rita (PT) 🙂



ANNIE in Romania

News about the progress of ANNIE have reached us recently coming this time from EUROPEA school Colegiul Silvic Transilvania Năsăud, Romania. ANNIE is an ERASMUS+ project that promotes Aquaponics (integrated fish and plant production) as a sustainable agricultural practice. The Romanian ANNIE team has set up a complete Aquaponics system at the school campus and will use it in education in the future. Congrats Romania!

Details can be read  on the ANNIE dissemination leaflet:

Aquaponics is a circular system where aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (plant breeding in water) come together. The cycle starts with the feeding of the fish to produce ammonia rich waste, which accumulates in the water. The effluent-rich water is essential for plant growth.

So, the waste water is pumped to the grow beds. The bacteria that is cultured in the grow beds helps to break down impurities and as a result, nitrogen remains, which is an essential nutrient for plants. The plant roots filter the water which now contains nutrients for the fishes, and is pumped back down to the fishes.

Aquaponics is sustainable because the food is grown locally and not from far flown. And without the use of pesticides and antibiotics, so it is even healthier and fresher.

Aquaponics also supplies ten times more food per square meter, with a minimum of water consumption.  This makes it ideal for urban areas and dry, nutrient-poor countries.   Aquaponics can thus contribute to future food problems, the reduction of CO² emissions and 9/10 may reduce the use of precious drinking water for irrigation.”

For more information click HERE or read our previous articles on ANNIE.

Acknowledgements: many thanks to Gioconda 😊

Green Your Skills!

Appraising transversal skills in green jobs for employability of youth and workers in restructuring processes

ACROSS is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships Project for VET started in 2015 that has the objective to reduce the gap between available skills and the ever-changing labour market demands. The project focuses primarily on sustainability and the appraising of transversal skills, which could successfully relieve high unemployment rates.

Project leader is Tandem Plus, FR and partners come from 8 European countries: Croatia, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland and The Netherlands.

In only a few days, on 26th July 2017, ACROSS partners will held their Final Conference in Brussels, BE promoting the project results and trying to give answers to the questions that they dealt with:

“How can VET and labour market actors contribute to a sustainable, “green” economy driven by the need to better preserve and protect both the social-economic well-being of our societies and the natural resources of our planet?

How can they cater solutions to workers, students and companies and equip them with the necessary skills and capacities to undergo greening processes?” (From: Conference Invitation)

Interested? Register HERE, be there at the conference and get the answers for yourself 😊


Find out more about the project HERE or HERE. Pics: ACROSS and Tandem Plus Facebook sites. Thank you.

AGROLYMPICS: Coming Soon !

Rehearsal of the 2nd AGROLYMPICS

Last week the students from my school who will act as jury members in September tested some of the disciplines of the upcoming Agrolympics. The aim was to get a feeling of the competition, to test the materials/tools and to check whether the evaluation of the disciplines will work or not.

The following disciplines were tested: Log splitting, Tractor driving, Handling potato/apple boxes, Balancing big bales, Fencing, Apple pressing, Changing points, Assembling a pipe-line, Hand milking and Fertilizer spreading.

The students were very enthusiastic, the weather was wonderful and we could welcome some guests, e.g. the Mayor of Burgstaedt, some film producers  and a journalist from a farmer´s magazine. Soon we will get a promotion video which shows the activities on this day.

Please keep in mind that the machines we used are not the machines we will have during the competition!

I will keep you updated 🙂 !

Gerd Alscher, NC EUROPEA Germany, 20th June 2017

In Focus: Forestry

Luxembourg, 22-27 May 2017

The ambitious forestry project SILVAforum is in full swing these days!

This ERASMUS+ KA2 project, led by our Luxembourgish colleagues, aims at comparing, creating and sharing educational material on forestry. One of the most important objective is to elaborate suitable ECVET units, which might be of a great help for the future mobilities and student exchanges.

The last week of May saw the project partners coming together in the one and only Grand Duchy of Luxembourg warmly welcomed by the organisers from EUROPEA school LTA Ettelbruck. Students and teachers from six European countries (AT, FI, FR, LU, RO, SE) participated in a six-day workshop, which covered a wide variety of fine activities.

Participants got the chance to improve their professional skills and to discover the beautiful forests and the wonderful countryside of this tiny chocolate-box country. Moreover, the busy agenda also included cultural items with a visit to Schengen and to the City of Luxembourg.

This meeting was the sixth in the line-up as partners have already completed workshops in Luxembourg (6-11 June 2016), Romania (27 June-1 July 2016), Finland (29 August-2 Sept 2016), France (18-23 Sept 2016) and Sweden (23-28 April 2017). Next meeting is scheduled for 18-23 June 2017 when SILVAforum partners will be hosted by LFS St. Andra, Austria.

For more information on the project click to Projects in the menu. More on the LU Programme, pics and videos here.

Acknowledgements:Many thanks to Nicolas (LU) and the Coop Inter Envermeu France Facebook-page admins 🙂