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20 Years of Profitable Cooperation

April 18, 2024
By: Judit Čović

16 April 2024, Budapest, Hungary

The day before yesterday fourteen students from three different agricultural schools received their EUROPASS certifications of their successfully completed butcher ERASMUS mobility in Denmark at ZBC Danmarks Slagteriskole, Roskilde. The event was organized by EUROPEA member KMASzC as they hosted very prominent guests from Ministry of Agriculture and also from the National Agency. The ceremony began with the exhibition of pictures and memories of the past 20 years and the evolution of EUROPASS certificates.

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The partnership started in 2004 with a ten-week programme including only one school (Bercsényi Miklós Vocational School of Food Industry) and its students, but during their long history together the two institutions broadened their collaboration quite significantly, and nowadays, mobilities are provided not only for butchers but also for bakery and confectionery students. What is more, there is even a very special course on the list: the one for “gourmet” butchers!

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ZBC colleagues and the KMASZC management discussed their future and agreed to go on for 20 more years!

Besides, the KMASzC ERASMUS Ambassadors were also on duty during the convocation. Youngsters did their best helping the organization, escorting VIP guests, taking photos, hosting the event – and they did a marvellous job. Their patrons Judit Emma Tóth and Tamara Tuza were very satisfied.

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Congrats to ZBC and KMASzC for an excellent partnership and also to young ERASMUS Ambassadors for a job well done!


Acknowledgements: many thanks to Juci (HU) 😊

Photos: from Juci (HU)

More photos: EUROPEA-Facebook page

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