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AGRO CHALLENGE 2022 Interpreting smaxtec data – sensor technology in dairy farming

April 29, 2022
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

Interpreting smaxtec data – sensor technology in dairy farming

On 22 August 2022 the 5th AGRO CHALLENGE will start in Austria.

The use of modern sensor technology is also well advanced in agriculture. The “smaXtec” system provides a variety of data (temperature, pH value, movement pattern, …) via a sensor in the cow’s reticulum, which significantly simplifies herd management, improves animal health and reduces production costs.

In a workshop before the competition, the technology will be presented and tested on the existing herd of dairy cows.

Detailed information:

In the competition, questions about the status of individual cows (e.g. health, whether a cow is in heat or pregnant) have to be answered.

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