Hungary to Luxembourg
Jun 16th 2019

3rd-9th June 2019, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg Just one day after the 32nd birthday of the ERASMUS programme let us bring you a good practice within its updated version, the ERASMUS+, which enables not only students but also teachers and other staff members to take part in practical training sessions and study visits all over Europe. This […]

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24th European Forum Wachau – Make Europe fit for Future!
Jun 15th 2019

Three days of high-level talks in Göttweig Monastery Göttweig in the Wachau valley, Austria, hosted the European Forum for the 24th time. Numerous representatives, experts and stakeholders from economy, politics and society discussed European matters. How will our next economy, our next society look like? A wide range of topics was covered in presentations, speeches, […]

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Feeding the World
Jun 14th 2019

Feeding the world   Two EUROPEA-Denmark member schools are active in the “FEEDING THE WORLD THROUGH ECVET IN AGRICULTURE” project, funded by ERASMUS+. In this network 13 schools in 11 countries offer a wide range of three week course modules. Most of the courses were tested from 24th March to 13th April 2019. At Bygholm […]

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International exchange in the Renaissance
Jun 12th 2019

During the visit to the university in Cluj-Napoca, the “Krauter Buch” by Jakob Dietrich (Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus, 1525 – 1590), edition 1664, was exhibited in the library. I was immediately interested because I was struck by the size, the layout and illustrations in the book. The similarity to another work from that period, the “Cruijde […]

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Sustainable Food Production
Jun 11th 2019

ON THE TRAIL OF A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY IN FOOD PRODUCTION   Palermo – Italy has been the venue for the second Learning Teaching and Training meeting of this KA202 – EURASMUS+ project. The IPSSAR “Paolo Borsellino” of Palermo has organised this meeting held from 12 to 18 of May 2019, with the main goal of […]

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1st HortOlympics
Jun 10th 2019

  The 1st HortOlympics took place in Räpina, Estonia from the 30th to the 31st of May 2019.  The competition was dedicated to Räpina School of Horticulture 95 and Estonia 100. 18 teams from 15 European countries participated in the competition. Competitors had to demonstrate skills in twenty different competition areas – knowing plants, seeds […]

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Education of young winemakers in Modra
Jun 6th 2019

Educational activities and competitions that complement the study of young winemakers in Modra The old wine-growing town of Modra in the west part of Slovakia has been creating a background for the education of future winegrowers, winemakers and fruit makers at the Secondary Wine and Fruit Growing School. This school is the only one of […]

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Organic and Local
Jun 2nd 2019

Working with local food and organic food production in Trøndelag Trøndelag is a beautiful region close to the sea and the Trondheimsfjord and with much farming and a nice landscape. The area is good for biking and walking. The farmers produce wheat in the best areas near the fjord and oats and barley on the […]

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Horses in Norwegian Forestry

In earlier times draft horses were very important for the work in Norwegian agriculture and forestry. Even to day some horses are used in the forestry in Norway. One period in the winter the student at the horse-training department are using the horses out in the forest to learn practical use of horses.  In the […]

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Small animals at Stend
May 31st 2019

Small animals department at Stend, Bergen, Norway In the small animals department we feed and take care of all the animals. We perform health checks on all of the animals every time we are there to make sure they are healthy. We also clean their cages, aquariums and terrariums so we know that they are […]

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