Housekeeping with modern technologies
Feb 18th 2020

A class of future housekeeping managers from EUROPEA-school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug went for a practical technology seminar to Bavaria. During the seminar they got an overview of the most modern technical equipment from all departments of housekeeping, e.g. fridges and freezers, laundry care, washing machines, floor care and cooking/catering. They could try out the devices, collected […]

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What a beautiful wine!
Feb 17th 2020

Wine News from EUROPEA-Portugal The 2017 red wine of EPDRA – Escola Profissional de Desenvolvimento Rural de Abrantes – just got an excellent review from a top Portuguese wine magazine. Translated review: “An aroma with lots of fruit and some phenolic notes, spices, wood and some character. In the mouth, it has beautiful and tasty […]

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30th anniversary of the network of European wine schools
Feb 13th 2020

Bienvenue en France! “Tomorrow, vine and wine” – “Demain, la vigne et le vin” Burgundy and Beaujolais – the places to be to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the network of European wine schools. When? 21 – 24 April 2020 Where? Davayé and Belleville en Beaujolais Winenetwork2020_invitation_ Winenetwork2020_PROGRAM Winenetwork2929_Registration form Two people from each school […]

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Executive Committee to Alicante, ES!
Feb 11th 2020

Preparatory Meeting in Alicante 29th January 2020, Alicante, Spain   The members of Executive Committee of EUROPEA-International together with two representatives of EUROPEA-Spain held a meeting in Alicante (ES) in order to prepare the next Seminar and General Assembly scheduled for the period of 18 -22 of May 2020 in Murcia (ES). The participants were […]

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Welcome to ITALY!
Feb 6th 2020

Welcome to the month of Italy 🙂 Check this calendar below with very many interesting Agricultural Fair Events taking place in the country of February 2020 !! Click HERE 🙂 Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Italy and Maurizio (IT) 🙂

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EU Green Week Partner Events
Feb 5th 2020

Who will host an EU Green Week Partner Event? Call for proposals is out now. EU Green Week is the biggest annual event on the European environment policy calendar. EU Green Week 2020 will focus on nature and biodiversity. EU Green Week 2020 will take place from 1 to 5 June 2020. An EU Green Week […]

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Feb 2nd 2020

Students make unique Rotterdam cheese Students from Wellant mbo Rotterdam have made a unique cheese: the first 100% Rotterdam cheese! They made the cheese at their school in Rotterdam out of the milk from the cows of Floating Farm, the floating farm in the Merwehaven in Rotterdam. Simin Latifi, dairy expert at the Floating Farm, […]

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Garden shows as places of learning for sustainability
Jan 31st 2020

Can GARDEN SHOWS act as places of learning? To find an answer you are invited to the first network meeting on 19/20 March in Neuenburg on the Rhine.   We invite actors involved in education for sustainable development or in environmental and agricultural education at local, state or national level to join us in Neuenburg […]

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Teaching for the Future
Jan 29th 2020

STEM in farmers education – teaching for the future Two Danish EUROPEA members schools are working together in a project about STEM in vocational education for farmer students. Teachers are developing and training new ways to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in their teaching. Students are challenged with real life problems and have to […]

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Finland Calling!
Jan 27th 2020

FINLAND CALLS FOR COOPERATION! EUROPEA school Gradia (FI) is looking for partners for future cooperation. Interested? Read the following note and get into contact with them! “Hi, we are looking for international partners for Natural Tourism and Wilderness Guide school in the center of Finland. We are interested of student exchange and learning at work […]

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