News from Green VET School “Sveti Trifun”
Mar 3rd 2020

News from Green VET School “Sveti Trifun“, Aleksandrovac, Serbia Entrepreneurship fair: Entrepreneurial spirit of the Secondary school “Sveti Trifun” with hall of residence students becomes more and more important and represents one of the  long term key aims of our education. Students of final years of educational profiles Agricultural technician, Food processing technician, Winegrower-winemaker present […]

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The EUROPEA impact
Mar 2nd 2020

A little example of how EUROPEA impacts school development and Valentine day! Just before the Carnival holidays we had a very interesting seminar about OpenBadges. Already heard of OpenBadges? Maybe you heard about it in spring 2018 during the general assembly meeting in Blainville, France. That is where I heard of it the first time […]

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Farm to fork strategy: have your say!
Feb 29th 2020

EUROPEA and The European Green Deal EU Commission is calling for opinions on the roadmap below to a sustainable food strategy (Farm to fork), which is part of the EU Green Deal Initiative! “A sustainable food strategy is key to achieving the goals of the EU’s Green Deal. This strategy sets out the regulatory and […]

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What makes teenagers decide to be pig farmers?
Feb 22nd 2020

Two teenagers two students from Easton College (UK) have achieved their ambition of becoming pig farmers. It’s hoped that this could inspire more young woman to bring their skills into the industry.   Read the article HERE.   Source: Eastern Daily Press. Featured photo:

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GA in Denmark
Feb 21st 2020

News from Denmark EUROPEA-Denmark had a successful General Assembly on Thursday 6 February. Three members of the board were re-elected and financial report 2019 and a new budget 2020 approved. Chairman of EUROPEA-Denmark will continue (Anders H. Nielsen, and same will national coordinator (Karolina Sikala, In the annual report you will see that […]

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Housekeeping with modern technologies
Feb 18th 2020

A class of future housekeeping managers from EUROPEA-school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug went for a practical technology seminar to Bavaria. During the seminar they got an overview of the most modern technical equipment from all departments of housekeeping, e.g. fridges and freezers, laundry care, washing machines, floor care and cooking/catering. They could try out the devices, collected […]

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What a beautiful wine!
Feb 17th 2020

Wine News from EUROPEA-Portugal The 2017 red wine of EPDRA – Escola Profissional de Desenvolvimento Rural de Abrantes – just got an excellent review from a top Portuguese wine magazine. Translated review: “An aroma with lots of fruit and some phenolic notes, spices, wood and some character. In the mouth, it has beautiful and tasty […]

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30th anniversary of the network of European wine schools
Feb 13th 2020

Bienvenue en France! “Tomorrow, vine and wine” – “Demain, la vigne et le vin” Burgundy and Beaujolais – the places to be to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the network of European wine schools. When? 21 – 24 April 2020 Where? Davayé and Belleville en Beaujolais Winenetwork2020_invitation_ Winenetwork2020_PROGRAM Winenetwork2929_Registration form Two people from each school […]

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Executive Committee to Alicante, ES!
Feb 11th 2020

Preparatory Meeting in Alicante 29th January 2020, Alicante, Spain   The members of Executive Committee of EUROPEA-International together with two representatives of EUROPEA-Spain held a meeting in Alicante (ES) in order to prepare the next Seminar and General Assembly scheduled for the period of 18 -22 of May 2020 in Murcia (ES). The participants were […]

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Welcome to ITALY!
Feb 6th 2020

Welcome to the month of Italy 🙂 Check this calendar below with very many interesting Agricultural Fair Events taking place in the country of February 2020 !! Click HERE 🙂 Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Italy and Maurizio (IT) 🙂

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