December 28, 2018
By: Judit Čović

EUROPEA is 25 years old in 2018 !

In order to finish this jubilee year in style we have asked some of the experienced EUROPEAns, former presidents, secretary generals, long-time members to share their thoughts and feelings with us. Follow our posts, stay with EUROPEA and find out what they have told us!

Georges Krack (LU), president of COE (Comité d’Organisation EUROPEA), one of the founding fathers with a big heart for his students:

“As one of the founders of EUROPEA I am pleased to have the chance to witness how EUROPEA has grown over the years. We started with 8 countries and now, 25 years later, we have 25 member-states from all over Europe! And there is no stopping. New countries apply regularly, some of the old members are back after being absent for a while, and there are so many new faces around at our bi-annual meetings.

In the past 25 years EUROPEA made it possible for hundreds of schools to carry out common projects. Together we learned to apply for European financial support such as Erasmus+ and many others before. New projects, new partnerships, new competitions has been introduced year by year and I am very happy to see all that.

However, the biggest achievement of EUROPEA in my eyes is that it enabled us to arrange thousands of work-placements for our students abroad. And so, they got the chance to discover completely different ways of management and production in the Green Sector. As highlights of EUROPEA I consider the many European student competitions in Forestry Skills, Cattle Judgement, AgrOlympics, HortOlympics, VinOlympics and many others.”


Acknowledgements: many thanks to Georges (LU) 🙂


By Judit Covic (HU), leader of the EUROPEA Editorial Group

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