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January 4, 2019
By: juditcovic | Georges Demeester

2018, the jubilee year is over, but our campaign will stay on! We will deliver you more thoughts and feelings about the past and present of EUROPEA – the network of European agricultural and land-based training centres.

Georges Demeester (BE), one of the founding fathers and the man who put together the first EUROPEA Statutes, has sent us his most precious memories (see our previous article) and his statement. We are very proud and grateful to publish it here for you:

“Through several projects where EUROPEA BELGIUM was project leader or a partner, we have tried to help to improve the agricultural education all over Europe. Some of the results of the projects were adopted by some countries. Thanks to the many student competitions the students of the EU have had the opportunity to know each other better, to learn other educational systems, to discover new people’s and countries, even new languages!

Personally after 25 years and more, I have had the great chance to meet people some of whom became friends. It was also another way to learn more than education but also to appreciate new cultures and lifestyles; in other words, to develop EUROPEA friendships.

Even if nowadays some political leaders in the EU are missing the principal aims of Peace and Fraternity, it is our DUTY with our association, EUROPEA-International, to do more for the future of our EUROPEA students!!! The will and the actions of EUROPEA must be to reinforce the choice of solidarity of all our countries by implementing new projects and gatherings of students. These are my best wishes for EUROPEA.

Let us not forget our late Friends Giuseppe Murolo (IT) and my best Friend, Joël Gillet (BE).


Best wishes of New Year for our partners of EUROPEA aisbl!

Bravo for your splendid work!



Former Secretary General of EUROPEA aisbl and Former President of EUROPEA BELGIUM”



Acknowledgement: many-many thanks to Georges (BE) 🙂


By Judit Čović (HU), leader or the EUROPEA Editorial Group

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