Georges Demeester


January 1, 2019
By: Judit Čović

2018, the jubilee year is over, but our campaign will stay on! We will deliver you more thoughts and feelings about the past and present of EUROPEA – the network of European agricultural and land-based training centres.

Georges Demeester (BE), one of the founding fathers and the man who put together our first Statutes, has sent us his most precious memories of the past 25 years.

“As one of the founders of EUROPEA I have a lot of memories of all those years. I have tried to pick the most important ones:

1/ 1989, Vire (FR): 1st meeting of European agricultural and horticultural schools of Belgium (Anderlecht), the Netherlands (Eppe), Luxembourg (Ettelbruck), UK (Hampshire), Germany (Bremervörde), France (Vire and Troyes). This event was set up and fantastic organized by my late friend Jean-Luc Ravat (FR).

2/ 1990, The Elysée Palace in Paris (FR), exactly on 14/07/1990: Reception at the garden party in the Elysée Palace on the national day celebration of France. The leaders of the countries, members of the “CARREFOURS” accompanied by 2 students were invited by President Francois Mitterand to attend this wonderful party!!! One of the biggest memories.

3/ 1991, Brussels: departure from Brussels of The European Relay of the students through the countries, partners and members of the Steering Committee of EUROPEA with a final arrival in Ernstein near Strasbourg for the meeting of 2000 European students. It was the 1st international meeting with games and exhibitions for the students and many conferences for the teaching professionals. It really was a huge gathering.

4/ 1993, LTA Ettelbruck (LU), Statutes of EUROPEA: The 1st official and legal statutes were adopted by the whole assembly of the 12 countries, members of EUROPEA after having deliberated in Luxembourg in a meeting under the presidency of my friend Norbert Feltgen (LU). It was the official birth certificate of EUROPEA; statutes written and conceived by Georges Demeester (BE).

5/ 2000, Borgo (Corsica, FR): election of the 1st Secretary General of EUROPEA aisbl: Georges Demeester (BE).

6/Several Jubilees of EUROPEA: 2002 Poitiers (FR): 500 students. 2012: 20th anniversary in Nimègues (NL) and 2018 25th anniversary.

7/ 2001 and 2010, Belgium: the Belgian presidencies of EUROPEA with education subjects, technical and cultural visits in the 3 regions of Belgium. We think that all our partners were very happy with their stay.”




Acknowledgements: many thanks to Georges (BE) 😊


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By Judit Čović (HU), leader of the EUROPEA Editorial Group

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