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News from Pruske, SK (2)

August 30, 2019
By: juditcovic

The Secondary Vocational School in Pruske is a school with a 70-year tradition, housed in a 16th-century renaissance chateau with adjacent new buildings, and a large area with a historic park in the village centre (Read the first part HERE.)

In April we did not miss the well-known event in Bratislava – Flora, where our students helped SAKF with an exhibition, and at the same time we had an area where we realized our school exposition and two students competed in the junior category at Flora Cup. The overall placement of our students was the 5th and 6th place, in the category of free-bound flowers our student gained the third place. One week after the event, we hosted individual competing pupils and accompanying teachers by the occasion of the 7th national competition with international participation called “Easter in Pruské”, where the “Malinovsky Valentin” was repeated in our place and our students finished at 1st and 2nd position.

April was also very competitive for our cynologists, who participated in Trnava already in the 5th year of the national competition for secondary schools in dog training according to BHSK. All participants showed that their dog was conscientiously engaged and some of the competing pairs’ performances were really of very high standards. Among them there were the students of our school: Paulína Hala Magdadiová from IV. M., with her female Belgian Shepherd, won the 3rd place in the Individual Competition. Other representatives of our school – Viktória Poliaková from IV. M. and Veronika Feriancová from III. A showed their training championship and thanks to their presentation our school placed in a very nice second place in the team competition.

On April 24, 2019, we were the only foreign secondary vocational school taking part in the Marlenka Cup competition in Opava (CZ). We were invited to this event by the guarantor of the competition from the Secondary School of Hotel and Services and the Higher Professional School in Opava and also from the Moravian-Silesian Region. Our school was represented by Andrea Kučerová, student of III.C class, and Barbora Bajzíkova from I.C class, with a competition theme of dessert using nuts, honey and apple.

At the beginning of May, a workshop about “Inspirations in Cynology” took place at the Secondary Vocaitonal School in Pruske. The workshop was led by the married couple Bátoryovci from Ţilina and our ex-student Patrik Štefanec from the “Club of Handlers-Rescuers K-7 “. Students had a lecture, presentation and practical demonstrations to become motivated to work with dogs. Demonstrations were focused on the skills of dogs, on scent work, bringing aport, nosework and brainwork. Cynology students and a student from the Cibeins Secondary Agricultural School near Lyon (FR) attended the workshop – they also teach cynology.

On May 15, 2019, professional handlers from the Prison and Judicial Guard Corps of Ilava (SK) informed our students from field Agribusiness-Cynology with training of service dogs for work on the track. Illustrative practical demonstrations added by approach to the various dog training methods, tracking, and various other attractions from canine practice have been beneficial to the students.

On May 16, 2019, the 5th year of a school competition for dog training was held at SOŠ Pruské under the BH / SK examination rules. The competition was attended by 19 students of the field of Agribusiness – Cynology. The performance of handlers and their dogs was fairly, objectively and at a high professional level judged by the fourth year student Paulína Hala Magdadiová, the winner of the previous year and the winner of last year’s national secondary school competition in dog training.

The young handlers with their dogs of different breeds showed themselves well before the audience and the winner of the competition was the IV. M student Vanesa Dvorská. Her classmate Viktória Poliaková, who competed with two dogs, finished second and third.


Acknowledgement: many thanks to EUROPEA-Slovakia, Mária (SK) and Henrieta (SK) 🙂

Photos: Mária (SK) and Henrieta (SK) 🙂

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