When Pumpkin Turns into Magic

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Our school is located in Bors, Romania, near the Hungarian border. The school has students of all ages, from young children to teenagers studying agriculture and electronics, as well as […]

Agrocampus Laval worked on Circular Economy

Agrocampus Laval

A group of students from Agrocampus Laval worked on a circular economy project to improve the links between the school farm, the foodprocessing hall and their canteen. (Text and pic […]

New international cooperation Denmark and Belgium

Students Going

Recently Nordjyllands Landbrugsskole (Denmark) and APB Provinciaal Onderwijs Antwerpen (Belgium), started a new project together. The goal is to have students learn about agriculture in another country. The 2 last […]

Dreaming is an incredibly enjoyable activity

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“Dreaming is an incredibly enjoyable activity. It’s even more exciting when we dream together, and if our shared dream becomes a reality, we couldn’t ask for anything more.” In the […]

And the last fifteen years

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After the foundation of EUROPEA the enthusiasm of early times has turned into a steady and firm cooperation between the member states. Thus, the following years saw continuous growth and […]

EUROPEA official!


During the meetings in Edinburgh (Oct 1992, GB) and Ettelbruck (Jan 1993, LU) the pioneers of EUROPEA formed and accepted the first Statutes, and in the second half of 1993 […]

Pioneers of Green VET

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7-10 May 1992, Erstein, France. Reunion of 2000 young European Green VET students (Rassemblement de 2000 Jeunes Europeens de l’Enseignement Agricole) History of EUROPEA started in 1988, the year that […]

Crossroads of the Past


2023 is a jubilee year for EUROPEA! Our association is 30 years old considering the famous 1993 January meeting in Ettelbruck (LU) as the starting point when The Statutes were […]

EUROPEA International Logo

EUROPEA – Europe de l’Enseignement Agronomique AISBL

Centre Technique Horticole

Chemin de Sibérie 4

B-5030 Gembloux

Official Registration Number: 450983484