Welcome to ITALY!
Feb 6th 2020

Welcome to the month of Italy 🙂 Check this calendar below with very many interesting Agricultural Fair Events taking place in the country of February 2020 !! Click HERE 🙂 Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Italy and Maurizio (IT) 🙂

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Agrovina, Swiss trade fair and show for arboriculture, viticulture and enology
Jan 29th 2020

From 21 to 23 January, the 13th edition of Agrovina, a three-day biennial trade fair and show, brought almost 200 exhibitors from Switzerland and Europe together and welcomed 18,000 professionals. Also, the scientific conferences were very successful, confirming the need for exchanges between professionals and the academic world. Swiss Enology day at the Agrovina The […]

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Jan 22nd 2020

Vocational schools have to increase their curriculum in sports lessons. At the agricultural training center INFORAMA, this is implemented by organizing a weeklong snow sports camp in Fiesch, a famous ski resort which boasts the largest glacier in the Alps and slopes at more than 2000 m.a.s.l. The camp offers third-year students different options in […]

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Developing entrepreneurship
Jan 16th 2020

Developing entrepreneurship among young farmers from Switzerland, Cameroon and CĂ´te d’Ivoire With the support and funding of Movetia, the Interjurassian Rural Foundation, the Agricultural Institute of Obala (Cameroon) and the Swiss Centre for Scientific Research (CĂ´te d’Ivoire) have conducted an exchange project between young agricultural entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Cameroon and CĂ´te d’Ivoire. Seven young farmers […]

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Lucia, the queen of lights
Dec 30th 2019

Lucia Day (St. Lucy’s Day) – a feast of candlelight processions, saffron buns, mulled wine and talking animals. Lucia Day is celebrated in every school at nursing homes, industries in fact all over Sweden also at Munkagard! The Lucia group sings Christmas songs psalms and other songs close related to Christmas.

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Gingerbread can help…

A gingerbread can give an helping hand…  In the following photo gallery you can see different objects made from gingerbread. Theses are made by students and different group of staff of MunkagĂĄrdsgymnasiet. The objects were sold at an auction held at the college. However, the money from the auction were given to an organization who […]

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Dec 29th 2019

Every year, in October at MunkagĂĄrdsgymnasiet a “Tractorweek” will be held. Each time, students bring their tractors and carry out a parade. Check the video HERE!   Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA Sweden! Video made by Jonas Andersson.

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Dec 28th 2019

The following presentation is about students workshop within the Erasmus+ project ASAP at Easton Otley College in October. Czech Republic, Denmark, UK and Sweden take part of the project. The project focus on advanced technologies in agriculture. Each country is hosting a workshop with approx. 10-13 participants. Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Sweden and Bo Andresson […]

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