Did you know…? vol 6
Nov 18th 2019

Did you know… Dutch student-teachers active in EUROPEA schools Six teacher training students from Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen (previously known as Stoas) taught for two weeks in EUROPEA schools, mid-October 2019. Two students went to Austria to teach in Fachschule Kobenz (supervised by Peter Prietl). Another pair of students went to Italy […]

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Did you know…? vol 5
Nov 14th 2019

Did you know…? ‘Farming for the Future: why the Netherlands is the 2nd largest food exporter in the world’ The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural and food products, thanks to its innovative agrifood technology. The Dutch agrifood sector is a sustainable source of healthy, safe food that is produced with […]

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Did you know… vol 4
Nov 13th 2019

Did you know? Urban transfarming: the world’s first floating farm

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Did you know… vol 3
Nov 9th 2019

Did you know…? Getting from A to bee: environmentally-friendly bus stops with green rooftops Read the article HERE.      

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Did you know… vol 2
Nov 8th 2019

Did you know…? Utrecht is now home of the world’s largest multistorey bike parking garage and the busiest cycle path in the country! Read the article HERE. Photos HERE.

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Did you know…?
Nov 3rd 2019

Did you know… ‘Why I ride my bike to work, by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands’? Read the World Economic Forum article HERE.

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Oct 31st 2019

CAMPO DE CRIPTANA – CIUDAD REAL – SPAIN EFA Molino de Viento (Windmill) is a high school and VET centre placed in Campo de Criptana, a town of Ciudad Real province. Our training education is mainly addressed to the agricultural sector. Because not everything is theory … If our region is known for something, it […]

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In this field of traineeship, our students learn about different agricultural managements carried out in the farms of this region, such as forage farming, horticulture, greenhouse farming, olive grove, vineyard, fruit trees, etc. They learn:  Crop manteinance Ploughing Fertilization Irrigation Integrated control of pests Harvesting Processing Commercialisation These students learn about using “Delta” traps with sexual […]

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INTITUTE OF AGRO-FOOD TECHNOLOGIES AND INFRASTRUCTURES OF NAVARRA – SPAIN INTIA is a public institution that have as mission to help and promote the agro-food sector by transferring knowledge and innovation in order to improve his viability, sustainability at the same time that contributes to maintain a lively rural environment respecting nature and offering quality […]

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