Visit Romania
Jun 30th 2019

10 best places to visit in Romania – the country to discover!  

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Romania’s Flora
Jun 25th 2019

Romania’s Flora It was edited in 13 volumes, between 1952 and 1976, each volume containing an average of about 717 pages in the 60 / 70×100 format, thus a total of 9,324 pages comprising the entire vascular flora of Romania, that is over 3600 species. The work is distinguished by 1594 original drawings made for […]

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European Championship in Forestry Skills
Jun 16th 2019

European Championship in Forestry Skills Since 2010, the forestry high schools from Romania participated in the European Championship in Forestry Skills proposed by the EUROPEA International Association. If at first time the teams of our country ranked modestly, in the last three years they succeeded to occupy the third place consecutively the Transylvania Forestry School […]

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Romania – the country to be discovered
Jun 2nd 2019

If you look at the poster proposed by the European Commission to illustrate Romania, you can find the following: 1. Area: 239,000 km2 2. Population: 21,610,000 inhabitants (out of which about 5 million emigrated) 3. EU Accession: 2007 4. Coat of arms: a golden eagle with an Orthodox cross in a sword, a sword and […]

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Organic and Local

Working with local food and organic food production in Trøndelag Trøndelag is a beautiful region close to the sea and the Trondheimsfjord and with much farming and a nice landscape. The area is good for biking and walking. The farmers produce wheat in the best areas near the fjord and oats and barley on the […]

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Horses in Norwegian Forestry

In earlier times draft horses were very important for the work in Norwegian agriculture and forestry. Even to day some horses are used in the forestry in Norway. One period in the winter the student at the horse-training department are using the horses out in the forest to learn practical use of horses.  In the […]

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Small animals at Stend
May 31st 2019

Small animals department at Stend, Bergen, Norway In the small animals department we feed and take care of all the animals. We perform health checks on all of the animals every time we are there to make sure they are healthy. We also clean their cages, aquariums and terrariums so we know that they are […]

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Sheep and Lambs at Stend
May 28th 2019

The sheep production and lambs at Stend Vidaregåande Skule, Bergen, Norway Written by first grade students of Animal Care program at Stend   At the sheep department, we learn how to feed and shear the sheep. In the spring, we divide the sheep into groups based on how many lambs they are going to have, […]

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Young entrepreneurs at Stend Vidaregåande Skule
May 27th 2019

Entrepreneurship and an Erasmus+ project 2018-2020 When the oil comes to an end…. The attitude and skills of being creative and come up with ideas for new businesses and the knowledge of how to develop and run an enterprise is highly wanted in Norway. The last decades the Norwegian economy is highly dependent on the […]

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