Belgian savoury dishes
Apr 17th 2019

From fries to “filet américain”, here are some of our culinary salty specialities BELGIAN fries Not French! Taste the difference… Grey shrimp croquettes Fished along the North Sea, eaten all over the country Asparagus, Flemish Style Best to be eaten between the end of March and the end of June. A typical spring starter. Mussels […]

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Belgian sweet delights
Apr 14th 2019

Belgium is not only the country of beer. You can taste many other delicacies. Here are some of our sweet treats… Belgian chocolate, pralines and truffles From Neuhaus to smaller chocolate makers, Belgium is famous for its quality chocolate bites. You can also discover the Belgian Chocolate village!   Belgian waffles Gaufres de Bruxelles or Gaufres […]

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Organization of agricultural education in Belgium
Apr 12th 2019

The teaching of agronomic sectors is organized from the secondary level. STRUCTURE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION It includes 4 forms of teaching: – General (G) – Technical (TQ) – Artistic (A) – Professional (P) Distributed in 4 degrees: – 1st degree from  12-14 years – 2nd degree from 14 to 16 years – 3rd degree from […]

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Education in Belgium
Apr 9th 2019

The education system in Belgium, viewed according to the age of the young person, is broadly: Pre-primary education 2.5 to 6 years Primary school 6 to 12 years Secondary school 12 to 18 years (possibly with extension to 19) Higher education (professional bachelor or academic bachelor, master, doctorate degree) 18+     The educational competences […]

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Belgium in Motion 2012-2018
Apr 8th 2019

  Take a walk and discover Belgium at the following video   Basefilms If you want more information, look at the following website.

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Overview of the history of BELGIUM
Apr 2nd 2019

Belgium is a kingdom of 30,000 km2 and 11,000,000 inhabitants. Before its independence in 1830, it suffered several invasions and occupations. In 50 BC, at the time, Belgium was part of Gaul and was invaded by J. Cesar, who wrote in his memoirs “Of all the peoples of Gaul, the Belgians are the bravest “. Since […]

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Belgium is…
Apr 1st 2019

Belgium is…  Just Belgium.  And thus an uniquely phenomenal. When did it all start?   Was it at the moment Julius Caesar wrote: ‘Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae’ (Of all the Gauls, the Belgians are the bravest). Well, it took 19 centuries to form a country since then. So, it can’t be that.   ‘Historically, […]

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Sheep! Sheep!
Mar 21st 2019

There are more sheep in the UK than the rest of the Europe put together. Everyone seems to think they only live on the beautiful hills and mountains of the Lake District, Snowdonia, Yorkshire Dales and Scottish Uplands. But we have sheep to suit all environments, Suffolks, Blue-faced Leicesters, Romneys and many many more. In […]

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Paris Agricultural Show – Cattle Judging Competition
Mar 7th 2019

Easton and Otley College Paris Agricultural Show – Cattle Judging Competition 25th – 28th February 2019   At the end of February, two Level 3 Extended Diploma in Agriculture students, Emily Salisbury (1st year student) and Esme Harrison (2nd year student) travelled to the Paris Agricultural Show to compete in the European Cattle Judging Competition. […]

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