School Life Goes on during Covid- 19 Pandemic
Apr 9th 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of all the people, including the employees, teachers and students of Secondary School of Veterinary Studies in Nitra (SK). Teachers have suddenly lost their audience, classrooms have become empty, the delicious smell of food from our school canteen has ceased to spread and the school dormitory, always full […]

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Partnership during Covid times
Mar 23rd 2021

ERASMUS PROJECT Give new life to environmental and cultural heritage: revitalization of parks, undeveloped urban and rural areas. When we started new projects in October 2018 nobody knew that such high risks are waiting for us just around the corner. Revitalization of parks, undeveloped urban and rural areas is an important factor of economic and […]

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Landscaping sector benefits from the corona crisis
Feb 27th 2021

From The Netherlands … The consequences of the corona pandemic are affecting vocational education. With many companies closed due to the lockdown, internships cannot always take place. Yet there are also programs that are relatively unaffected by the corona crisis. “All our students have an internship. In fact, there are so many internship applications that […]

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Together online ‘on the move’
Oct 23rd 2020

Covid19 poses major challenges for educational institutions around the world. Learning benefits from knowledge exchange, interaction and meeting each other. Last March, the possibilities for face to face interaction in education changed drastically. For Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen, the teacher training centre for land-based education, the ultimate chance to design and develop […]

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