In Focus: SDGs and Eco-entrepreneurship
Jul 25th 2020

EUROPEA-Polska is leading «SDGs and eco-entrepreneurship education in youth work» ERASMUS+ strategic partnership project (2019-2021) which answers to challenges described in the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan*. Project partners from Poland, Estonia, France and Italy have the goal to make sustainable investment to a quality education, training and youth system with the aim to promote Sustainable […]

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ERASMUS – the Hungarian way!
Jul 18th 2020

Every year EUROPEA school AM KASZK (Budapest, HU) takes advantage of the ERASMUS+ programme, and applies for quite a number of trainings and study visits abroad. This spring was truly exceptional not only because both their KA101 (School Education Staff Mobility) and KA116 (VET Learner and Staff Mobility) projects got approved but also because they […]

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Jul 13th 2019

Entrepreneur+: Development of Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies in Vocational Education and Training   The scope of the Entrepreneur+ project is to develop an IT application in support of the pedagogical methodology that combining online and offline tools, creating a cross-border network of schools and an inter-school network student aids the education of entrepreneurial skills and […]

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A “Herbful” Experience
Jul 11th 2019

Erasmus+ Seminar in Luxembourg EUROPEA school  LTA /Lycée Technique Agricole/ is a partner of the ERASMUS+ programme “Bio-Alternativ” organized by the European Horticulture Teacher Association. Recently the seminar “Cultivation and use of spice herbs” took place in Ettelbruck, LU.   During three days, teachers and students from Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg participated in […]

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We like it SLOW!
Jun 28th 2019

EUROPEA-Polska is the leading partner of the ERASMUS+ KA2 project called: “Slow food – long life: lost traditions back to kitchen.” Some of the most important objectives of this lovely project are: to develop EU network for teaching and learning cooking traditions and slow food methods to collect lost recipes and make videos and photos […]

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Spanish students designed a drone to combat the tiger mosquito!
May 30th 2018

Some students of La Malvesia Vocational School have developed a prototype drone to combat a common pest, the tiger mosquito, through biological control in order to reduce the application of chemical pesticides in the environment. First, we have had a training course which helped teachers and students to learn how to create a new drone. This […]

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