Digitalis and modern production technology in an open classroom
Nov 5th 2021

At Räpina School of Horticulture (EE), students study the cultivation of herbs on the shelves of Click & Grow in an open classroom. The idea of an open classroom was […]

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Nov 2nd 2021

The new campaign on the EUROPEA website! From November 2021 we would like to show you the greatest experiences, the best journeys and the widest smiles! All of them owing […]

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Partnership during Covid times
Mar 23rd 2021

ERASMUS PROJECT Give new life to environmental and cultural heritage: revitalization of parks, undeveloped urban and rural areas. When we started new projects in October 2018 nobody knew that such […]

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Where does the Erasmus money come from?
Mar 12th 2021

Have you ever wondered about how the European Union sets up the Erasmus+ budget? Have you thought about participating in the 2021-2027 program period? With the help of this article, […]

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PIB is working with Examples of Excellence in Work-Based Learning
Mar 9th 2021

Information from Vocational Education Association of Latvia (PIB) In autumn, 2019, PIB got involved in an Erasmus+ project “Baltic Examples of Excellence in WBL: Tutors, Companies, Networks)”. This two-year project […]

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Helicon, Citaverde, Lentiz and Wellant: VET mobility in a few key figure
Mar 7th 2021

Recently Wellantcollege completed the final report on the received Erasmus+ mobility grant call 2018, on behalf of a consortium that also includes Helicon, Citaverde, and Lentiz. An excellent opportunity to […]

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Developing Green Teaching Materials with Erasmus
Mar 5th 2021

Information from Vocational Education Competence Center “Daugavpils Construction Technical School”, member of Vocational Education Association of Latvia: Teachers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia develop teaching materials in green construction within […]

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Project AMOOVE21
Mar 1st 2021

AMOOVE21 – Agricultural Mo(o)ve with 21st century skills   Amoove21  is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that brings together students and professionals from five Agricultural VET colleges from Norway, Sweden, Finland and The […]

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Erasmus+ accreditation for mobility consortium coordinated by Wellant
Feb 24th 2021

European recognition of the quality of international activities awarded The National Agency in the Netherlands has granted an Erasmus+ accreditation for the mobility consortium of Helicon, Citaverde, Lentiz and Wellantcollege! […]

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Great News from France!
Feb 17th 2021

Two new ERASMUS+ projects are on their way at EUROPEA school «Lycée des Métiers du Bois d’Envermeu », Normandy France! This small vocational school specialises in forests, sawmill, and wooden […]

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ERASDG Teacher Training and Kick-Off meeting
Feb 3rd 2021

Impossible is possible !! We did it! From January 25-29, 2021 the online teacher training and the Kick-Off meeting of the Erasmus+ KA 2 ERASDG- Education Requires Appliance of SDGs […]

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In Focus: SDGs and Eco-entrepreneurship
Jul 25th 2020

EUROPEA-Polska is leading «SDGs and eco-entrepreneurship education in youth work» ERASMUS+ strategic partnership project (2019-2021) which answers to challenges described in the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan*. Project partners from Poland, […]

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