Starting the new schoolyear with an exam
Oct 6th 2020

Our two final college classes started their last schoolyear one month ago under normal conditions again. We have all lessons at school, but remained single seats for the students, ask for an appropriate distance between each other and to obey the given hygiene regulations. Soon our students had to face the first exam: they had […]

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Final exams at EUROPEA school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug
Jun 25th 2020

Today our students have a practical exam in „How to train an apprentice“. They have to train apprentices practical methods and skills in different (agricultural) professional situations. This practical training (learning) unit is an important milestone for our students at the agricultural college on their way to become a professional trainer for apprentices in their […]

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Housekeeping with modern technologies
Feb 18th 2020

A class of future housekeeping managers from EUROPEA-school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug went for a practical technology seminar to Bavaria. During the seminar they got an overview of the most modern technical equipment from all departments of housekeeping, e.g. fridges and freezers, laundry care, washing machines, floor care and cooking/catering. They could try out the devices, collected […]

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Garden shows as places of learning for sustainability
Jan 31st 2020

Can GARDEN SHOWS act as places of learning? To find an answer you are invited to the first network meeting on 19/20 March in Neuenburg on the Rhine.   We invite actors involved in education for sustainable development or in environmental and agricultural education at local, state or national level to join us in Neuenburg […]

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Getting new experiences in Austria
Oct 24th 2019

A class of young farmers from German EUROPEA school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug visited several Austrian EUROPEA at the end of September. They went to Litzlhof, Kobenz and Krems and saw how different the green VET in Austria works in comparison to the German system. The Austrian hosts welcomed them very heartly and showed them their schools. […]

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International cooking competition in Freiberg/Germany
Jun 27th 2019

EUROPEA school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug hosted an international cooking competition on 17th June 2019. Seven teams, coming from the Polish partner vocational school in Pszczyna, the Czech partner vocational school in Podborany and from 2 vocational schools in Saxony were willing to cook creative dishes with minced meat within 2 hours. The jury consisted of teachers […]

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Test your knowledge about Germany!
Jun 28th 2018

Did you know that…? The population of Germany is approximately 82 million. This makes it the European Member state with the highest number of inhabitants, representing 15% of the entire EU population. Germany ranks third in the world in terms of Nobel laureates, taking the credit for 106 awards. 24 of these awards have been […]

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Jun 25th 2018

While German exerts its influence on the countries that border it — Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland and Poland — all of these cultures have, in varying degrees, had a hand in shaping today’s Germany. The population is 91.5 percent German, with Turkish being the second largest ethnic group at 2.4 […]

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A short glimpse into German history
Jun 23rd 2018

In the first century BC, powerful Roman legions could only occupy lands up to the Danube River in the south and the Rhine in the west, as central Germany remained free. When the Roman Empire all but collapsed, groups of regional Germanic peoples (including free Germany) merged to become a consequential European force under Otto […]

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You shouldn´t miss visiting Germany
Jun 17th 2018

Due to its rich history and the diversified nature you should visit Germany at least once (better several times 🙂 ). You´ll find beautiful (fairy tale) castles, medieval cities, a wide range of national parks, romantic river valleys, hills, mountains, a coastline with a length of more than 1000 kilometres with lots of terrific beaches, […]

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Germany is a federation
Jun 1st 2018

Germany lies at the heart of Europe and shares its borders with nine other nations. No other European country has more neighbours. In the north, Germany has access to the North and Baltic Seas. In the south it borders on the Alps. At 2,962 meters the Zugspitze in Bavaria is its highest peak. At 3.54 […]

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