Student´s meeting of SYNHORTUS

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In the framework of SYNHORTUS – a gardeners’ association between the Saarland (D), the Lorraine (F) and Luxemburg – students from the three regions met during two days in Gilsdorf […]

Learning from the past


News from Luxembourg 🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺 Some weeks ago, in January 2023, forestry students from Lycée Technique Agricole went to the forest to learn how to move trees with horses. It was […]

“Digitalis” student meeting

Digitalis Uk

Digitalis student meeting 28 March -1 April Norwich, UK Programme Monday – arrival, allocation of rooms at Easton College Tuesday – digital showcase and activities, lunch at CCN, sightseeing in […]

VET Excellence Awards 2020


For the second time EUROPEA school LTA /Lycée Technique Agricole/ won the The Entrepreneurial School Award (TES-award) of Luxembourg !! The award encourages vocational and academic schools to put more […]

The EUROPEA impact


A little example of how EUROPEA impacts school development and Valentine day! Just before the Carnival holidays we had a very interesting seminar about OpenBadges. Already heard of OpenBadges? Maybe […]

A “Herbful” Experience

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Erasmus+ Seminar in Luxembourg EUROPEA school  LTA /Lycée Technique Agricole/ is a partner of the ERASMUS+ programme “Bio-Alternativ” organized by the European Horticulture Teacher Association. Recently the seminar “Cultivation and […]

Hungary to Luxembourg

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3rd-9th June 2019, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg Just one day after the 32nd birthday of the ERASMUS programme let us bring you a good practice within its updated version, the ERASMUS+, which […]

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