“Digitalis” student meeting
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Mar 5th 2022

Digitalis student meeting 28 March -1 April Norwich, UK Programme Monday – arrival, allocation of rooms at Easton College Tuesday – digital showcase and activities, lunch at CCN, sightseeing in […]

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Digitalis Student Meeting Kick-off
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Feb 28th 2022
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VET Excellence Awards 2020
Nov 1st 2020

For the second time EUROPEA school LTA /Lycée Technique Agricole/ won the The Entrepreneurial School Award (TES-award) of Luxembourg !! The award encourages vocational and academic schools to put more […]

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The EUROPEA impact
Mar 2nd 2020

A little example of how EUROPEA impacts school development and Valentine day! Just before the Carnival holidays we had a very interesting seminar about OpenBadges. Already heard of OpenBadges? Maybe […]

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A “Herbful” Experience
Jul 11th 2019

Erasmus+ Seminar in Luxembourg EUROPEA school  LTA /Lycée Technique Agricole/ is a partner of the ERASMUS+ programme “Bio-Alternativ” organized by the European Horticulture Teacher Association. Recently the seminar “Cultivation and […]

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Hungary to Luxembourg
Jun 16th 2019

3rd-9th June 2019, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg Just one day after the 32nd birthday of the ERASMUS programme let us bring you a good practice within its updated version, the ERASMUS+, which […]

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EUROPEA Wine Championship
May 4th 2019

This year the 14th EUROPEA Championship took place in Luxemburg (near Schengen) between 23rd and 25th of April. 32 Teams of 12 different countries were registered. The opening ceremony was hold at the […]

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The very last minute!
Jan 31st 2019

Luxembourg – Let’s make it happen Interested in more facts and figures about Luxembourg. Well you can look at some data published by our statistical office, the STATEC. Boring? Well […]

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Last minute

Demonstration and experimental fields of Lycée Technique Agricole Since Luxembourg has only the LTA (Lycée Technique Agricole) as a green school, it is normal that also the agricultural research is […]

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The Lady and the Bird
Jan 28th 2019

Only a few more days to go for Luxembourg – the one and only Grand Duchy in the world – and the country of the month on the EUROPEA web-spaces. […]

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Step in!
Jan 27th 2019

Step into the Lycée Technique Agricole, the only school of EUROPEA Luxembourg!   More great videos about the school and studies can be found from LTA Ettelbrück YouTube channel and HERE. […]

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EUROPEA Luxembourg History
Jan 18th 2019

Luxembourg, represented by our school, was always strongly involved in EUROPEA. As a small nation situated between big countries who used to quarrel all the time, we always aimed to […]

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