EUROPEA Luxembourg History
Jan 18th 2019

Luxembourg, represented by our school, was always strongly involved in EUROPEA. As a small nation situated between big countries who used to quarrel all the time, we always aimed to get our big neighbors to cooperate together instead of fighting each other. So no wonder that we were founding members of UN, NATO, Benelux and […]

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The one and only
Jan 12th 2019

The country of January 2019 is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg! Read the following list and test your knowledge about this tiny but beautiful country of Europe. Luxembourg … >> is the one and only Grand Duchy in the world >> is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe >> covers an area of […]

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EUROPEA Luxembourg – LTA
Jan 3rd 2019

Dear EUROPEAns, I hope you all got the wishes from EUROPEA Luxembourg. But who or what is EUROPEA Luxembourg? You saw some faces and names in our wishing card, but that’s not all of it. But lets start at the beginning…with some shocking news! Officially EUROPEA Luxembourg does not exist! Because we have only one […]

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Happy 2019!
Jan 1st 2019

Happy 2019! Today the 3rd millenium enters his last teenager year! On a smaller scale, it is also the beginning of a new country of the month campaign. This January will be the month of Luxembourg! So EUROPEA Luxembourg is very proud to welcome you in 2019 and to present you some facts and impressions […]

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