When Pumpkin Turns into Magic

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Our school is located in Bors, Romania, near the Hungarian border. The school has students of all ages, from young children to teenagers studying agriculture and electronics, as well as […]

EUROPEA DK stays in touch with its members

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EUROPEA DK does everything to keep in touch with its members !! This year, the annual meeting for Agriculture Educations will be held from 19 – 20 of August at […]

“Energy4Farming” for Green Europe


“Energy4Farming” is an ERASMUS3 partnership project that includes VET schools and associations. We started in 2020 but all project activities we implemented on-line. The countries represented by participants are: Spain, […]

ERASDG Kick-off and a Great Teacher Training!


The Kick-off meeting of ERASDG ERASMUS strategic partnership project was held from 25-29 January 2021 together with a wonderful and inspiring teacher training. Here is a summary from Sandra, one […]

ERASDG Teacher Training and Kick-Off meeting

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Impossible is possible !! We did it! From January 25-29, 2021 the online teacher training and the Kick-Off meeting of the Erasmus+ KA 2 ERASDG- Education Requires Appliance of SDGs […]

EUROPEA International Logo

EUROPEA – Europe de l’Enseignement Agronomique AISBL

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