Meet Bethany, the award winning young shepherdess!
Jul 24th 2021

From the UK Have you heard of Chris Lewis Award ?? Here comes the chance to improve your knowledge about prizes that support young farmers in the UK! “The biennial Chris Lewis Award is presented in memory of its namesake, a respected livestock farmer who was known for supporting young people.”(Eastern Daily Press, June 24) […]

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National award winner is passing on his skills and knowledge in livestock production
Apr 15th 2021

Since leaving school Josh Brewster has gone from a Level 2 Livestock Production Apprentice to Unit Lead with responsibility for a 4-strong team and 1,200 sows at North Farm Livestock Ltd’s Bayfield breeding unit, near Holt.  It has been a remarkable few years for Josh, who first came to North Farm Livestock on work experience. He enjoyed the work […]

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BCBC Online Conference
Jan 7th 2021

  Something for the Livestock Specialists !! The British Cattle Breeders Club (BCBC) is holding a virtual conference on Tuesday, 26th January 2021. Interested ?? Visit the official website of BCBC and get all the details !! Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-UK and Charlie (UK) 🙂 Pics: from Charlie

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31-12-2020 >> BREXIT
Jan 1st 2021

UK has left the EU. 31-12-2020: a sad day for all of us. Lots of questions to ask, lot of things to say. Read our Charlie’s thoughts on Brexit.  “Tomorrow the Sun will still rise; what I thought about today…… 31-12-2020. The last day of the UK’s de-facto membership of the European Union. Four years […]

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Love music?
Dec 12th 2020

There you go: the proof that Green VET professionals may have eyes and ears for art! This is a December special from our dear colleague, Charlie (UK), a big fan of good music. Enjoy it!  2020 – a year that we will never forget but mostly for the wrong reasons. However, it’s been great year […]

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BCBC Goes Virtual!
Jul 14th 2020

British Cattle Breeders Club Conference goes Virtual! And open for the international audience! It could be very useful for the European Green Schools to access this high quality learning resource in the next academic year! Get all the details HERE. Acknowledgements: many thanks to Charlie (UK) for sharing 🙂 Pics: Pixabay Free Images

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Flashback to…
Apr 3rd 2020

Let’s look back to the EUROPEA seminar hosted by France and UK! Here is the presentation about agriculture on Guernsey, which brings back happy memories and makes you smile. Enjoy!     Many thanks Charlie for sharing! 🙂  

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What makes teenagers decide to be pig farmers?
Feb 22nd 2020

Two teenagers two students from Easton College (UK) have achieved their ambition of becoming pig farmers. It’s hoped that this could inspire more young woman to bring their skills into the industry.   Read the article HERE.   Source: Eastern Daily Press. Featured photo:

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A Mother’s View
Jul 19th 2019

Earlier in May the opportunity arose for four students to attend the Agrolympics in Poland. The Agrolympics is a competition including the participation of 20 counties all proving their agriculture skills and going for gold. I was lucky enough to be included in one of the four to attend. Myself, Carl Tuck, Izaak Lark and […]

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Our visit to Easton Campus – Vos a SZeS Benesov Agriculture Apprentices
Jul 8th 2019

Our 14 days long visit started with being shown our accommodation and a tour of the area. In these 14 days we have learned to give cows a halter and lead them. So we also learned to sit (turnover) sheep and also lead them (for showing). Charlie took us to his family farm, were he […]

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Flashback >> AGROLYMPICS 2019!
Jul 5th 2019

May 31-June 3 2019, GOLOTCZYZNA and SIERAKOWO Open Farm Trade The following account was given by Jack, a EUROPEA student from UK, who was there at 4th AGROLYMPICS in Poland: “This was our leaving day: we all met at Carl’s house early in the morning to travel to the airport. On the way there we […]

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Sheep! Sheep!
Mar 21st 2019

There are more sheep in the UK than the rest of the Europe put together. Everyone seems to think they only live on the beautiful hills and mountains of the Lake District, Snowdonia, Yorkshire Dales and Scottish Uplands. But we have sheep to suit all environments, Suffolks, Blue-faced Leicesters, Romneys and many many more. In […]

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